Walking Tall

Posted on July 25th, 2008 in Uncategorized by Hattsy

9 Weeks out and things are going good.  Been out of cast for 3 weeks now.  Doc said i should use the crutches for about a week after the cast came off.  I ditched it the next day.  Don’t know whether this was stupid or not.  It felt really good at the time and has since.  Haven’t had any problems.  Didn’t need any heel supports.  

Am able to stretch my tendon quite well now.  Can put my knee about 5cms past the front of my foot and increasing everyday.  Doing two legged calf raises and balancing on 1 foot to increase strength.  PT says slow but sure.  PT every week now and will increase as my strength gets better.  We’ll take it one week at a time.  

Went and kicked the footy with my son today.  Awesome.  Good to be back in the gym again.  I’m back doing full upper body weight training again which helps the time go by.  Got to get rid of the kgs while i was on my arse for 6-7 weeks.  

My scare/wound is taking a while to heal.  The area at the fleshy part of the wound has healed fine but the bit where the tendon is closer to the skin is taking a while.

It is a bit of a drag being winter and cold but we’ll get there.  

I’ve reading some post regarding vitamins and supplements people have taken.  I am interested to here what everyone has been taking.  I took Glutamine and Cissus for the first 8 weeks.  Now I’ve added gym supplements and protein but i would like to here if anybody has any thought.  I don’t know whether my supplements helped or not.  I did come out of the cast past 90 degrees at 6 weeks and then FWB at 6 weeks 2 days.  I’d like to think they helped and are still helping but i’m not to sure.  

Try not to get down all you newcomers.  It does get better, we just have to be patient.  Good healing all.

6 weeks post op and loving it!!!

Posted on July 2nd, 2008 in Uncategorized by Hattsy

Had cast removed today.  Where’s my leg gone?  Lost a fair bit of muscle and my skin looks like a snake ready to shed.  Anyway very happy to have my cast off for good.  My foot is already just past 90 degrees without any stretching.  Very happy with that.  Doc says start walking all the time now with the help of crutches for 5-7 days then ditch them altogether.  I’m already taking small steps with very limited help from my crutches.  Tendon very stiff.  On to the stretching process and back to the doc in 2 weeks hopefully walking freely.  Heal is a bit sore and ankle has some minor pain but everything seems to be working well so far.  Looking forward to moving around the weight room and getting on the exercise bike tomorrow.  Its only up for from here.

Bloody Hell

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Went for a run on Wednesday night.  Was not long into it and started to do some sprints after my warm up.  Finished a couple of run throughs, then i turned, pushed off, and snap.  I hit the deck straight away but had no pain.  I didn’t know what had happened.  I could see my foot and ankle in the street lights.  As i looked i realised what had happened.  Having had many ankle injuries before i knew it was totally different.  I looked at my foot, i couldn’t see where my achilles once was.  It was strange.  There was very little pain but i knew it was gone.  I didn’t know what to do.  Shuffling off the road and on to a driveway, i sat puzzled what to do next.  I had no phone and i was in a quiet street.  i managed to get to my feet.  I felt weird.  Still little pain and i had no strength in my left foot.  I could still move it.  I walked but to my house with great care, where i told my wife.  We both couldn’t believe it.  I waited for some friends to arrive and went off to hospital.I got through emergency quite quickly and after confirming that the tendon was completely snapped 100%, i had to wait for an operating theatre to be available.  They said it would be sometime Thursday afternoon or night.  about 11pm i had a general anesthetic and it was done.Recovery after the op was a blur.  The general was great in numbing everything.  But when that wore off pain set in.  Thanx to my nurses who where fantastic, apart from not getting a bacon & egg Mcmuffin in the morning.  They were very big on pain management, knowing my injury heal as quick if i was in pain.Came home on friday afternoon to become aquainted to the couch for the next 2 weeks.  Surgeon has told me very limited mobility until wound heals, then reasonable movement on crutches for the next 4.I’m taking one day at a time at the.  Leading an active lifestyle in employment and leisure, i’m hoping that everything heals successfully and resume life as normal.  Only time will tell. 

Hello world!

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