A Year Out

A little over a year out from surgery and thankful for a successful recovery.  This site has been helpful to me and I wish the best to all the ‘hello worlds’ out there.  I was back to pretty much all the activities I participated in by eight weeks (biking,golf,exercise machines).  Running took a bit longer.  Reflecting back on the process I guess I would repeat the quote ‘the mental is to the physical as four is to one’.  Best wishes to all and thanks again.

2 Responses to “A Year Out”

  1. Thanks for the update, GG. I know we’re all different, but do you remember when your swelling stopped and when your 1-leg heel raise appeared, and when it got good, etc.?
    You went surgical and fast-aggressive (following doug53), which theoretically should minimize atrophy and accelerate the return to full strength. Did your facts match the theory?

  2. Norm,
    Atrophy was not noticeable by six months. One heel raise arond nine months (took longer than I thought). Swelling and thickness persisted until weeks 12-16. I’m fairly confident my accelerated recovery (early weight bearing, out of boot,two shoes etc) helped me get back to desired activity a little sooner than most of the post surgery rehab reports here. Good memory - Doug 53 was my model. As I noted, most of the benefit was mental - a perception of a return to normalcy (even if sow of itvwas not a physical reality). Glad to see you are still providing support on the site. Hope you are doing well.

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