almost 15 weeks

Now almost 15 weeks post surgery.  Have played 15 rounds of golf since July 23rd, ride an elliptical or bike regularly and strength train about 3 days a week. Ankle still ‘thick’ and swells but chalk that up to normal.  Slight limp yet but again normal I think.  Going to try work in the pool - have never really been a swimmer.  Need to work towards that single toe raise - not close to that yet.

Since I work at a college and have access to great PT and trainers - I slip in there often.  One technique they have used that has definitly helped in my opinion addresses the soft tissue and tries to break it up (that thickness).  It is called the Graston Technique.  I always feel better after this - anyone else have their PT folks using this?  Just curious.

All in all - still happy I followed a more aggressive rehab.  Doug53 was the model on the board for me and all posters have been helpful.  P.S. - I think I have all the bills in now and the total cost for the surgery/boot/PT etc. close to 14K.

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  1. Your progress sound solid, Grace.

    Graston has come up here before, mostly (maybe all?) positive. The search window would find ‘em all.

    That $14k is probably at least $13k more than a good non-surgical rehab with a fancy boot and lots of PT. I wonder if the medical insurance companies in the US will ever react, given the new studies that suggest that the $13k isn’t buying anything.

  2. The money in US, with the ins companies is about 25 cent on the dollar charged, “negotiated fee”. Mine was about the same 12+ K but the doc was paid about 2k with surgery, follow ups and x-rays. MRI was charged at 3K and was paid about 1K. That is why they do so meny surgeries. They need to do 3 to make what they used to get for one. Now if you didn’t have ins, you’d be stuck for the whole bill unless you negotiate with the doc, or go w\o surgery, which I now believe to be a good thing inactuality.

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