8 Weeks

Had my eight week visit with surgeon.  Now cleared to ride road bike and elliptical machines which was largely the extent of my exercise before the injury.  Went golfing twice at seven weeks -18 holes each time with a cart.  Was good to be back on the course.  Foot swelled a bit by the end of round and the swing (especially the follow through) was a little off but it felt good to be out there.  Calf muscle definitely will need attention and work the next few months but it is starting to come back bit by bit. All its good, keep the faith - it does get better.

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  1. Just got my go ahead from the doc to start golfing and take off the ” BOOT “, are you useing any special aids when you golf ?

  2. Great news. I did put a band-aid over the scar on my heel where my shoes were rubbing a bit. Other than that - a little swelling by the end but ice took care of that. Just be careful where you are stepping - Have fun!

  3. Good to hear there are some golfers here.

    I had the same experience. Have played 3 or 4 times with no repercussions and no restrictions on swing but swelling afterwards for a day or so. Have not tried to walk 18 yet but hope to try it soon.

    Keep your head down, swing easy, watch the ball fly!

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