Five Days Post Op

Well, had to go get another splint/cast as I got the first one wet in the shower.  Rookie mistake.  Dr. said she would put me in a boot next Wed, eight days out.  Am generally just lying around - having trouble sleeping at night but other than than that, mostly OK. Getting around on crutches a little more challenging than I thought.

2 Responses to “Five Days Post Op”

  1. What makes the crutches so difficult with this injury, to me, is the inability to rest the injured leg on the ground due to the plantar-flexed position. An ordinary broken leg or ankle (which I’ve had!) is a piece of cake in comparison. Get to the boot as soon as you can and your experience will improve dramatically. Hope its this coming Wednesday.

  2. If you have a choice, get a boot that can “hinge” — maybe even the fancy high-tech waterproof VacoCast that gunner got!

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