Surgery Yesterday

Surgery to repair ATR yesterday at 1:30 pm.  Lasted approximately 2 hours.  Surgeon indicated successful repair of tendon she described looking like spaghetti.  I’ll get a copy of the surgical notes and post them here later. Out of hospital at 8:30 pm.  Restful night with leg elevated in splint. No significant pain.

Doug 53, thanks for the suggestions.  I will attempt to practice reasonable impatience.  I certainly don’t want to come across as self-centered - everyone on this site is facing (or has faced) challenges so I hope my my story will help some others to learn what to expect as previous posts have supported me.  Peace

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  1. congrats! successful surgery is happy :) Take it easy for a while, and if people try to help you… LET THEM. Hope you’re feeling well!

  2. My surgeon described my first ATR (8-ish yrs ago) as “two horses’ tails”, and mine healed up perfectly, no loss of speed or agility or vertical jump as far as I could tell.

    Since most of the strength will eventually come from your body’s Collagen rather than the stitches, I’d actually expect the “messy” ruptures to heal up stronger than the “clean” ones that have two tidy tight ends to them. Just an unproven logical-sounding conjecture, of course.

    Actually, while I was still lying in my hospital bed, post-op, I was visited by the Assistant Surgeon. I asked him about the surgery, and he said mine was the messiest ATR he’d ever seen. Later, when my Chief Surgeon came by — very brusque and apparently sure of himself, but also with a sense of humor — I asked him about the surgery, and I told him what his assistant had said.

    The Chief Surgeon first said “I’ve got to tell that guy to shut up!” Then I asked, “So was mine the messiest ATR YOU’VE ever seen?”

    He thought for a minute, then said “No, it was the SECOND messiest.” Then after another minute, he said “Now ask me if that OTHER guy ever WALKED again!” Real joker, eh? Anyway, since December 8, I’ve had no trouble referring to that ankle as my “good” one!

    Good healing!

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