Five Days Post Op

Well, had to go get another splint/cast as I got the first one wet in the shower.  Rookie mistake.  Dr. said she would put me in a boot next Wed, eight days out.  Am generally just lying around - having trouble sleeping at night but other than than that, mostly OK. Getting around on crutches [...]

Surgery Yesterday

Surgery to repair ATR yesterday at 1:30 pm.  Lasted approximately 2 hours.  Surgeon indicated successful repair of tendon she described looking like spaghetti.  I’ll get a copy of the surgical notes and post them here later. Out of hospital at 8:30 pm.  Restful night with leg elevated in splint. No significant pain.
Doug 53, thanks for [...]

Thanks normofthenorth.  I appreciate the thoughtful advice from your experience and research.  I was presented a non surgical protocol and after weighing the options I have chosen the surgery.  I have a good relationship with my doctor and she has patiently listened and answered my questions. I appreciate the responses and support you are providing [...]

Surgery May 25

Great site. Thankful for those that created it - helps to understand what to expect. 53 yr old male, having surgery to repair rupture on 5/25. All sorts of questions. When will I ride a bike and play golf again? When can I go back to the office? More to come.I [...]

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