A Year Out

A little over a year out from surgery and thankful for a successful recovery.  This site has been helpful to me and I wish the best to all the ‘hello worlds’ out there.  I was back to pretty much all the activities I participated in by eight weeks (biking,golf,exercise machines).  Running took a bit longer.  Reflecting back on the process I guess I would repeat the quote ‘the mental is to the physical as four is to one’.  Best wishes to all and thanks again.

almost 15 weeks

Now almost 15 weeks post surgery.  Have played 15 rounds of golf since July 23rd, ride an elliptical or bike regularly and strength train about 3 days a week. Ankle still ‘thick’ and swells but chalk that up to normal.  Slight limp yet but again normal I think.  Going to try work in the pool - have never really been a swimmer.  Need to work towards that single toe raise - not close to that yet.

Since I work at a college and have access to great PT and trainers - I slip in there often.  One technique they have used that has definitly helped in my opinion addresses the soft tissue and tries to break it up (that thickness).  It is called the Graston Technique.  I always feel better after this - anyone else have their PT folks using this?  Just curious.

All in all - still happy I followed a more aggressive rehab.  Doug53 was the model on the board for me and all posters have been helpful.  P.S. - I think I have all the bills in now and the total cost for the surgery/boot/PT etc. close to 14K.

8 Weeks

Had my eight week visit with surgeon.  Now cleared to ride road bike and elliptical machines which was largely the extent of my exercise before the injury.  Went golfing twice at seven weeks -18 holes each time with a cart.  Was good to be back on the course.  Foot swelled a bit by the end of round and the swing (especially the follow through) was a little off but it felt good to be out there.  Calf muscle definitely will need attention and work the next few months but it is starting to come back bit by bit. All its good, keep the faith - it does get better.

2 Shoes at 5 1/2 Weeks

Went to two shoes with heel lifts today.  Still wear the boot if I’m out in the yard or on uneven surfaces.  Am riding an exercise bike 40 minutes daily and working with ROM after warm whirlpool then ice in a game ready unit for 20 minutes.  Began gentle no resistance toe raises and can feel calf muscle starting to ‘wake up’.  Have been walking carefully around the house barefoot.  Jury is still out on the physical benefits of EWB but there is no question it has made a huge difference mentally.  Hoping to be on an elliptical and walking program in two more weeks and possibly on a road bike.  Hoping to golf as well.  So far, so good.

Went crutch-less at four weeks FWB.  Feels good to leave them at home.  Should be in a shoe again (with lift) by six weeks.  Have been pleased with the results of early weight bearing protocol.  PT has significantly increased ROM and there is very little swelling.  Would like to start working on managing the scar - any suggestions?

MaxTrax ROM Boot

Eight days post-op visit to surgeon.  Put me in ROM boot locked at -10 degree dorsiflexion for another two weeks.  PWB allowed next week (2 weeks post-op).  Begin PT next week with what looks like light theraband resistance for plantar flexion and some active ROM with gentle stretching.  Her protocol through 10 weeks also includes Cryotherapy.

Happy to be out of the splint.  Next goal PWB. She expects FWB week six.

Five Days Post Op

Well, had to go get another splint/cast as I got the first one wet in the shower.  Rookie mistake.  Dr. said she would put me in a boot next Wed, eight days out.  Am generally just lying around - having trouble sleeping at night but other than than that, mostly OK. Getting around on crutches a little more challenging than I thought.

Surgery Yesterday

Surgery to repair ATR yesterday at 1:30 pm.  Lasted approximately 2 hours.  Surgeon indicated successful repair of tendon she described looking like spaghetti.  I’ll get a copy of the surgical notes and post them here later. Out of hospital at 8:30 pm.  Restful night with leg elevated in splint. No significant pain.

Doug 53, thanks for the suggestions.  I will attempt to practice reasonable impatience.  I certainly don’t want to come across as self-centered - everyone on this site is facing (or has faced) challenges so I hope my my story will help some others to learn what to expect as previous posts have supported me.  Peace

Thanks normofthenorth.  I appreciate the thoughtful advice from your experience and research.  I was presented a non surgical protocol and after weighing the options I have chosen the surgery.  I have a good relationship with my doctor and she has patiently listened and answered my questions. I appreciate the responses and support you are providing on this site.  I’ll check in sometime after Tuesday.

Surgery May 25

Great site. Thankful for those that created it - helps to understand what to expect. 53 yr old male, having surgery to repair rupture on 5/25. All sorts of questions. When will I ride a bike and play golf again? When can I go back to the office? More to come.I hope as time passes, my posts of experiences will help others as yours have already assisted me. Thanks.