Big bump on the road to an Ironman


I will be 65 years old in late August 2009.  On June 28, 2008, I quit smoking after 48 years during which time I was a runner, with a 5K best time of just under 20 minutes and later a cyclist.  For the past 10 years I’ve basically done nothing, except downhill skiing during the winter.  After quitting smoking I started putting on weight.  In August 2008 I was up to 170 pounds.  At 5′7″ my body mass index(BMI) was 26.6 - overweight begins at 25.0.  I started cycling again and purchased a new road bike in September, a Scott CR1 Team.  When the weather got better this year I was riding 90-120 minutes every day at lunch and riding with a fast group of local cyclists on Saturday mornings, all of whom are younger by at least 5 years and mostly more like 15-20 years younger.  I rode in the 30th annual Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic(STP) July 11-12 riding 120 miles the first day and 84 miles the second day.  On July 18 I competed in the Big Sky State Games and came in second overall in the 12 mile road race and won my age group by nearly 20 minutes.  My weight was down to 135 and BMI was 21.1 just before leaving to go to Seattle for the STP.  Last year size 34 pants were starting to feel a bit snug, now I have trouble finding size 30 pants because that’s what I need.  I started running again because I have missed doing it ever since I stopped more than 20 years ago after nearly destroying my knees by running too much and too often.  I’ve always wanted to do a triathlon so my goal now is to compete in the 5K run and triathlon at the 2010 Big Sky State Games.   I also plan to compete in cycling and running in the 2010 Montana Senior Olympics.

Other than cycling and running, my interests are hiking, backpacking, downhill skiing, photography, fly fishing and a little wood turning in the form of making pens.  In December I plan to take the PSIA(Professional Ski Instructors of America) Level 1 exam and pass it.  Being a professional ski instructor will be my next career.