Heel spur?

So I am 3 months out from my initial injury May. Complete rupture, non-surgical, 6 weeks in cast, about 3 weeks in the boot and in the beginning stages of PT.
I have had pain in my heel since I started FWB in the boot. Now that I am back in two shoes, the pain into heel has changed.
It used to be an overall dull, achy feeling after being on my feet again, and in the past week or so, it has become more of a sharp, stabbing pain that occurs less frequently, but it is much more intense.
Overall I haven’t experienced much pain since the initial injury, but this is waking me up in the middle of the night.
The inside of my right heel is bumpy and when I press down on the surrounding skin, you can clearly see one pea sized lump under my skin. Could this be a heel spur?
(Please don’t think it is not a priority, but
I haven’t been able to get to PT last week because of a broken a/c unit upstairs and my husband having to take time off from work to be home. I am home with the kids during the day and I coach in the evenings which leaves a very small window for PT until the kids start school at the end of the month. We are leaving tomorrow for a week at the beach with my family, and won’t be able to as the PT until we get back.
Sorry, TMI!

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