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March 27, 2013 · 2 Comments

I made the journey back to work today. After doing my usual routine of showering, straightening my hair and putting makeup on while dropping crutches, hair dryers and perfume, I was completely exhausted and running late. I made it to my desk with some nice and some sarcastic comments from my colleagues. I had over 1000 emails to get through.

I have pain when I put the boot on first thing. I’ve taken out a wedge and am now at 3 wedges - where I was meant to start. My foot relaxes when I sleep out of the boot and has to stretch into it in the morning. I had to take a pain killer this morning and regretted it because it made me pretty foggy in the head.  I didn’t realise how much 4 wks can get you out of the swing of reading and problem solving.
I know it will get easier. It is just hard to imagine when I’m so exhausted after only working a half day. I really want to set up a work from home arrangement but work says they would prefer if I could come in to the office.
My friend is coming down from sydney for the weekend so hopefully some wine and good food will cheer me up!

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  • Xplora // Mar 27th 2013 at 3:49 pm

    Georgie - I know you feel exhausted after work but I bet it is good to get out of the house and put your mind back to work plus some interaction with other minds. Keep your leg elevated as much as you can if you can. Also resist the urge to do more of the passive (theraband) excerises than you have been told. More is not always better. Your strength and muscle will return. You should install the time line on your page to help others keep track of where you are.

  • georgiemac // Mar 27th 2013 at 11:05 pm

    I slept in the aircast without the front panel last night which made the rush to work in the morning less of a stretch. I also but some ice on my foot last night but it felt quite bad. The foot responds better to a heat pack. I’m off to the physio this arvo. Thanks again!

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