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March 22, 2013 · 4 Comments

I started physio today at a clinic close by. The physio resized my crutches and we did some walking and steps with a weak attempt at PWB. He said the 4 wedges and big boot had made my walking with crutches pretty unstable. I’ve got quite sharp pain up the tendon when I try any WB.

He then assessed my foot out of the boot, and my ‘good’ leg, and said that my calf muscles are very tight, and this prevents my dorsiflexion, and that this would mean it would be a big job to get my ruptured leg back to 90 degrees. He also suggested that my second cast was set too far downwards. On his advice, I’ve also arranged an appointment with my surgeon as a private patient, instead of going back to the hospital and getting a different ortho each time. This is apparently pretty common, but I need to try and get a referral from a GP. The physio has asked to see me twice next week, and wants to reassess my balance, and hopefully lose a wedge, before deciding if I can go back to work on Wednesday.

I also didn’t realise how poor my health insurance coverage is! It is too late to upgrade the coverage now but I will run out of physio allocation after 4 visits and I’m not sure if my private appointment with the surgeon will be covered.

I’m pretty frustrated as I thought I would be a lot more mobile after getting the boot on. My housemate took over boiling pasta in the kitchen last night as I was a danger to myself, and presumably the house. I’m going to be alone all next week so I will probably be eating tins of tuna and takeaway.

Meanwhile, the Government is falling to pieces, the media is making it worse, and there is no focus on the positive policy and economic achievements of Labour this term. I’ve been watching too much news over the last 48hrs so I’m trying to turn the tv and my mind off.

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  • alton2012uk // Mar 23rd 2013 at 11:55 am

    Don’t be too disheartened, week 3-4 is still pretty early in the process. Weight bearing is normally advised “as tolerated” as it depends on each individual’s healing progress, pains, irritations, or complications.

    Have you been advised to do Active ROM exercises yet ? I found getting the foot outside the boot whilst resting and introducing AROM really helped remove some of the numbness and tingling sensations that add to any discomfort that there is when attempting PWB.

  • Xplora // Mar 23rd 2013 at 2:36 pm

    Georgie - The physical cost of this injury is often high because of the time it takes to get back to normal. It is unfortunate that you can only have 4 physio visits paid by insurance. As for your visit to the surgeon, Medicare will give you some money back but not your health insurance. Regarding the boot, if it is angled at say 10 degrees then 4 wedges would be a lot depending on their thickness. 2cm all up at 10 degrees would be normal for this time. It takes a a day or so to get the foot used to losing one. Alton is right in all he said. I would add that you could do some massage on your calf muscles and tendon. The AROM at this stage is simply writing the ABC’s with your foot while the calf is supported. Do not try to force any movement with anything artificial. See if you can get some forearm crutches as they make everything easier and more comfortable. We don’t get TV so I have to read the news. The events of late with the government is like watching a train wreck and the media vultures are having a feast. No hope of them reporting anything good.

  • jdrg // Mar 25th 2013 at 4:59 pm

    I hope you are feeling a little better today. This is certainly a trying mental and physical journey we’re all on. Glad to hear there’s someone who can help boil water, etc. for you. A few key people can provide a world of support, even if it’s just the ‘little things’.

    I agree with Alton and Xplora that the simple, seated ROM exercises feel fantastic on the stiff ankle and these have actually been helping to reduce my swelling. So far, I’ve been doing toe scrunches/wiggles, ankles circles and alphabets but am careful not to take the foot past neutral dorsi-flexion.

    Wishing you some comfort and the discovery of an enthralling diversion to take your mind off it all. My girlfriends have been trying to get me to knit for some time now and they’ve all emphasized that this is the ideal time, of course. Nothing worse than everyone deciding what you should do for you :) No knitting for this girl but I’m well on the way to finishing a painting I started over ten years ago. I hope you find an outlet that works for you. It will get better…

  • georgiemac // Mar 27th 2013 at 2:23 am

    My friend suggested I take up knitting. She bought me some wool and needles once before, and ended up undoing my attempt and turning it into a lovely scarf! I think I will pass on knitting. I was focussing on doing job applications but ended up with a bad addiction to American reality tv… not sure how that happened!

    My calf muscles are very tight, and doing the ROM excercise feels so awful. I know they are important for my recovery. The physio gave me a band to try and push against to build up the strength.

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