Question about soreness

OK, question for anyone out there — anyone meaning someone further along the marathon course than I am:
I’m 6 weeks, 4 days post-op. I’m PWB (75 percent) progressing to FWB as able, doctor’s orders from last week (see most recent blog entry).
I’ve begun careful “walking” — hobbling — around the house w/o crutches (still [...]

3rd post-op appt.: Boot to 10, time for FWB

Had my third post-op visit Tuesday morning. The doctor was pleased
They moved the boot from 30 degrees to 10, and even though I’ve been flexing the foot to what seems to be 90 degrees (zero or neutral, whatever), putting the foot into the boot at 10 was … quite a stretch.
For two days now, it [...]

Update: 2nd post-op, into the boot

Had my second post-op visit on Wednesday (July 1). It was a great feeling to get the cast (no. 2) off. The incision has healed nicely. The calf has withered away to almost nothing, of course …
The doctor put me in the boot at 30 degrees plantar flexion. On July 14, at next post-op [...]