Body rejecting sutures help

March 8th, 2016

Aloha all,

Well after about a year things are not much better. Looks like I am going to need to have the sutures removed. Really really scared about this one as the doc said that having surgery on skin that doesnt look all that great can be an issue. Any thoughts on if I should wait a few months before doing this just bit the bullet and do it now.

Man what a wasted year last year and now this. Oh well.

Wish me luck

Finally got the last of the stiches out!

October 5th, 2015

Man what a rough ride this has been with it getting infected not once, not twice but THREE times! Basically the issue was with the boot causing most of the issues. Once I got rid of that thing and kept it super dry things finally started to progress. Still haven’t started rehab yet as the area is super dried out and the doc wants it to be all the way healed before starting that part of the process. I asked abut it and he said you have the rest of your life for rehab just be patient and let this thing heal all the way.

Well guess who is walking around in two shoes?

July 30th, 2015

haha Me!

Go figure. Now that the doc made me kick the boot I am actually out walking around. Did it with a crutch yesterday and this morning and now walking around the apartment without anything. It really feels a bit strange and I don’t have any action from the calf yet but it feels fantastic. Sore and weird but at least it feels like progress in the right direction for a change.

The top of the incision got a blood blister that blew the whole top part out. Was a bloody mess but minor infection and now I am just healing and walking in some slippers.

I have to say that the support I have received on here has been amazing and I would have jumped a long time ago if I didn’t have a place for some support and a place to vent!


Two Shoes? Kidding me right? haha!

July 29th, 2015

Ok so a quick update. Looks like the boot was rubbing on an area on the top of my sutures and created a blood blister. It ruptured and made a mess. OS gives me a band aid and some antibiotics and says to just dress it with hydrogen peroxide and I will see you in a week. He then says that it looks like the boot is doing more harm then good at this point so ditch the boot and start wearing a slipper instead? What? Go from not walking at all really to just using a slipper! haha

This doc is CRAZY! So I called a friend of mine that is a Physical Therapist and booked an appointment on my own tomorrow for him to just take a look at it and stretch me out a bit. Today I walked a bit with my “slipper” on and crutches and it went really well.

Lets see what the PT looks like tomorrow and what the verdict is.

What do you all this is?

July 26th, 2015

Area finally healing and then Friday this pops up. Pretty red then a black spot and really enflamed. Was doing really well but now I really over it.

Well the good new is and I guess its good news is that whatever it is burst overnight. Blood dripping on my leg. Oh well back to the OS for no information and probably going to get it wrapped up again and no walking.

What a year. Man this blows.

Well its now 18 weeks and one day since surgery

June 28th, 2015

And its still not healed. Its getting there but still stuck in the boot and haven’t started rehab yet. Because I am starting rehab so late I bet this pushes everything further back. Man this is the worse thing that has EVER happened to me and I am just over it.

Driving Question

June 22nd, 2015

Aloha all,

Well the incision is still not healed but its looking 1 million times better. I have one spot right where it got infected that still isn’t done yet but has a really nice well formed scab on it. Horrray!

Now to the question. The ATR was on my right foot and was just wondering how long after the incision is healed do you think its safe for me to start driving again? I have my car in the shop for some much needed TLC and just wanted to make sure I schedule it so that it will be done when I am ready to start driving again.  I have fantastic movement in my foot as I only where the boot when I go out.

Thanks for the help and happy ATRing!

OMG Finally some GOOD news for a change.

June 9th, 2015

Well as always in my world with this thing is not easy. Today went back to the OS for a dressing change and FINALLY its starting to look like a scabbed over wound again and not an open sore!  I am not longer doing the over the top dressing and wound care changes. He sent me home with just a band aid on it and now I am to hydrogen peroxide it twice a day to dry it out.

Back to see him again next week. I will be sooooo glad when this part is over!

Bad news and more bad news!

June 4th, 2015

Aloha all,

Well today I went back to the OS for him to look at my sutchers. He took the cover off and it looked about the same as last week. He said it looks much better but I am not too sure on that. So I asked him what do you think? Is there anything else I should do? He said there is nothing you HAVE to do. It will just take some time. So I asked how long and he dodged the question then finally I asked if he thinks I will be playing golf at this point by august and he said its probably going to take 6 months for your wound to heal! haha BS!

Making an appointment at the queens wound care facility here in Hawaii as soon as I can. No way I can make it 6 more months like this. Not gonna happen!

OS update take 22

May 26th, 2015

So here we are again. Went back to the OS to change the dressing after the infection. This time it didn’t rip the whole scab off so I guess that’s a good sign. It still looked pretty awful to me but what do I know. I asked him if I should be seeing a wound care specialist and he said no. What he is doing now is the best wound care I could get anywhere. No idea what to think about that. So I am repacked, not walking and now have to wait until next Thursday to see what’s up next.

This just gets more fun by the min.