About Me!!!

Well here I am, I am 33 going on 63 the way i’m feeling today.

I am ex-armed forces (army), i’ve been out of the army for about 8years and since leaving had many a job. I’m presently a Pest Control Technician for a great company Whelan Pest Prevention (www.whelanpest.co.uk), who luckily for me are presently happy to keep me even though I’m still in a trainee contract. I’ve had several injuries in the past from broken bones (back (hair line fractures to L3, L4 & L5) ankle, tibia, radius, clavical a number of ribs and fingers) to dislocations.

My injury occured whilst playing football, you would’nt believe the position I was in, (in front of an open goal) and yes I missed, not only the goal but the ball completely. I thought that I’d been clipped from behind at first, but on inspection there was noone even close to me, no excuse I thought, then came the pain on a scale of 1 - 10 watching your achillies run up your calf rates at an 8.5.

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  1. I am 33 going on 63

    know the feeling mate ,


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