1st visit back to the hospital!!

I went back to the hospital on Monday, to have my cast removed and stitches removed. All went well, my wound has heeled 90% nicely with just one small part to go which I’ve now got paper stitches on, which I was told I could take off in a week.

The consultant took a glance at my leg and said “ok looking good see you in 6 weeks time” at which point I replied whats to happen next and that I’ve got my own Vacoped boot, he looked complexed and said he would be back shortly. About 30 mins later he came back and said you still here, (having a hard day I guessed). After answering some questions he came to the dicision I could put the boot on at 30 degrees and work my way to 15 when comfortable up to the physio appointment, book an appointment with the physio for 3 weeks time and back to the hospital on the 4th January.

So I’ve been spending a couple of hours a day, slowly but surly moving my foot towards 15 degrees, think I might get there over the weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing the physio though, as some professional care would be nice. At the moment I’m reading everyone else’s routines and trying not to get carried away.

As for this sitting at home all day, what a bore! What’s been worse is that my fiancee has been away most nights this week and having to cope on my own. God it takes so long to do anything!! 

Hope all is ok everyone ?

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  1. I suspect he went off to Google the Vacoped! Congratulations on your persistence, glad it paid off.
    Sudoku, online scrabble, daytime tv, books - all pall after a while. My husband was working very long hours as well as travelling to China and Norway- when he did appear I felt like screaming - TALK TO ME! Not to mention the fun of standing in the kitchen to eat because I couldn’t carry it through to the table. This stage doesn’t last , you will eventually rejoin the normal world

  2. Congrats on bending your protocol towards one that’s way more convenient AND maybe also better for you (and certainly not worse, according to the evidence). My fave benchmark for what works well is the protocol laid out at bit.ly/UWOProtocol . There are others here and elsewhere too. “Mine” includes timing of all the big transitions and the progression of exercise types, and it produced very good results (post-op and without-op both) in the associated study.

    I usually spend much of my day at the computer when I’m fit, so there wasn’t that much “lifestyle shock” when I was ATR-immobilized! But hitching onto a fast schedule that gets you boot-walking etc. ASAP obviously minimizes that disruption.

    Good luck and good healing!

  3. Hi - sounds like you’re doing really well. I think I’d feel a bit scared about managing the vacoped on my own though.
    I spent one week at 30 degrees non weight bearing, then two weeks at 15 degrees with the large wedge on. I did partial weight bearing for the first 15 degree week and FWB for the second, and have just gone down to the smaller wedge this week (still at 15 deg.).
    I was also advised to remove the boot for 10-15 mins daily once I went to 15 degrees and practise just moving my foot up and down. I also rub cream in around either side of the wound site to keep it supple (we’ve actually been using sudocrem and the wound healed really well).
    Anyway - good luck and I hope it continues to goes as well for you :)

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