The Day Of/After Op!!!

Day Of Op.

Got to be honest I was feeling very nervous as I was getting changed, that feeling of:-  Is this the right choice ?, the worry of getting an infection, losing nerve feeling, the op it self not going as planned. Then the doctor came in to see if I had any last questions and the ones I had, got a reply of “there are so many varibles that we would have to wait and see how the surgery goes”. But the one thing he did say, was that after all is over I might not get my full ROM (Range of movement) back and it might effect my ability for running etc.

So down I went to theatre, where I was met by a nice lady that gave me some white stuff via IV and then I felt a tingling sensation and away with the angels I went that was at 1100hrs. I woke in recovery and it was 1303hrs and in pain, she gave me another injection of Morphine and I woke up at 1520hrs with some friends looking at me back in the normal bed at the ward. Which I must thank for the Burger King that they went and got for me mmmmmm. I spoke to the nurse and apparently everything went well. I then had a bad night with the pain, I was taking oral morph and that didn’t seem to be helping much, eventually they gave me morphine via IV and that knocked me out till the morning.

Day After (so far 1530hrs).

I have had to have my plaster split due to the pain of the pressure that its creating on my calf area, oh what a feeling!!!(bliss). I have got a constant thobbing around my lower calf area and the occasional stabbing pain just lower than that. I am still taking oral morph as well as the normal (2x paracetamol 1x codine 1x brufen) and this seems to be working. I am waiting for the doctors to come round and tell me exactly what they found and did yesterday and what sort of time plan they have for keeping me in. That’s it for now…….

……..Continued. Well a consultant finally turned up at 1730hrs to confirm that all went well with the operation, she didn’t have much to say since she didn’t do the op, but did answer some timeline questions that I had for her and what would happen next. It’s now thursday morning so she kept me in for another night since it was to late to have my plaster fixed, physio to come out and I hadn’t had any bowel movement and that I would have to do that before leaving, so started on the nasty tasting white magnesium, but still as yet fail to pass. I should be heading for the plaster room this morning, followed quickly by the physios’ who apparently are going to teach me how to use my crutches and explain the next couple of weeks.

3 Responses to “The Day Of/After Op!!!”

  1. Hi Gazroscoe
    Pleased that you eventually got your op, but disappointed you have had pain problems resulting in the caste being removed. Hope the pain killers work and that all settles down quickly. I will be interested to know if they keep you in a second night or let you go home.
    Keep smiling and good luck


  2. Don’t worry about having a split cast. I wasn’t given a full cast until 2 weeks post op, instead I had a cast on the front , and the back was left heavily bandaged. This allowed for the inevitable postoperative swelling.
    If you’re still on oromorph, make sure you drink lots and eat plenty of fibre as it ‘ll give you awful constipation

  3. Hi Gazroscoe
    I am following with great interest your blog, to give me a foretaste of what I can expect.
    I do hope all goes well with the plaster the crutches and “the movements”!!
    Interested to know if the pain problems have subsided?

    Best wishes and “keep blogging”


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