1st visit back to the hospital!!

I went back to the hospital on Monday, to have my cast removed and stitches removed. All went well, my wound has heeled 90% nicely with just one small part to go which I’ve now got paper stitches on, which I was told I could take off in a week.
The consultant took a glance at [...]

First day home!!

I made it home at last, it’s now friday morning I got home yesterday evening…..the final moments in hospital…..the pain had almost gone (thank god), I went to the plaster room and had my plaster replaced for a shiny new black one my food is now at an angle of about 30 - 45 degrees [...]

The Day Of/After Op!!!

Day Of Op.
Got to be honest I was feeling very nervous as I was getting changed, that feeling of:-  Is this the right choice ?, the worry of getting an infection, losing nerve feeling, the op it self not going as planned. Then the doctor came in to see if I had any last questions and [...]