Hospital days

Well its now sunday, i’ve been in hospital (Southampton General) since friday and still waiting for a space in the rota of surgery, they had my hopes up this morning when I was told it would be today and was therefore Nil By Mouth. Two hours later in came the doctor and cancelled it…so close yet so far….all being well it will be tomorrow he said.

I’ve been told that the operation will take approximatley 1 hour as long as there are no complications. That I would most probably be out for a couple of hours in total.

 I’ve spoken with the Physio person and mentioned about the chance of getting a “VacoPed” she seemed confused and I had to show her online (Oh My God) what have I got here!!!!! All of the nurses have been great to date, less said about the doctors that flitter past you with no care in the world, but I suppose there not here for the caring just the fixing and leave the caring to the nurses.
Awaiting Op
Awaiting Op1

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  1. Hi
    Like you I was bumped off the list, though I had to wait until the end of the day to be told by which time I was very wobbly from dehydration. It happens, particularly if they have an urgent trauma case or a previous op doesn’t go to plan.
    Hang on in there, the op’s not so bad.
    Hope it happens soon for you

  2. Hi There
    Interesting to read about your delays in NHS- hope all goes forward / well tomorrow.I am expecting to have my op on the 9th Nov so we will be going thro recovery together.It seems a long haul!!

    Good luck

  3. Cheers Birdie,
    It does seem like it’s going to take a good while from all the others that I have read. Where are you having your op done? Are you staying NHS or are you going private? Are you planning on staying in plaster as the doctors will most probably want, or get into a “Vacoped” as soon as poss?

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  4. Let me understand this. Are you saying you actually stay in the hospital until your surgery happens?

  5. Gerry, in the NHS possession is nine tenths of the law. While you’re in the hospital bed they can’t give it to anyone else, so your chances of getting onto the day’s list is that much greater. Strange but true.

  6. FWIW, that’s NOT how Canada’s version of socialized medicine works (at least not here in Ontario)!

    I’ll just bite my lip about everything else, unless somebody wants some help or advice.

  7. thankfully its not how socialised medicine works in NZ either. But then they don’t do surgery or even ultrasound the injury here (unless they suspect a DVT in which case they think about it for 4 hours while you wait, then put you in a 3 hour queue…)

  8. Hi all, I don’t believe keeping you in hospital is normal, but for some reason they had a concern about me having a clot in my calf, something about damaging my calf at the same time as snapping my achilles, not entirely sure…..but they mentioned that i would be in over the weekend but due to an unusual amount of incoming over the weekend I’m still waiting, have been told this morning that I’m on the list again today, but will have to wait and see. Bronny sounds very much like here with the waiting about, it did take them 10 days to actually get round to doing an ultrasound to confirm the amount of damage…hope all is well with everyone else on this dull but dry day in southampton..

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  9. Hi Again

    I havent quite got the hang of blogging so this might be the second one!
    I am having my op in Barnett on the 9th Nov??, and I believe the consultant recommends 6 weeks in plaster followed by 6 weeks in a “boot”.
    I did consider going private but was told they only covered for one overnight stay so it didnt sem worth it.
    You seem to be having a tough time of it so far so I hope all goes well.
    Best wishes from cloudy London

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