1st visit back to the hospital!!

I went back to the hospital on Monday, to have my cast removed and stitches removed. All went well, my wound has heeled 90% nicely with just one small part to go which I’ve now got paper stitches on, which I was told I could take off in a week.

The consultant took a glance at my leg and said “ok looking good see you in 6 weeks time” at which point I replied whats to happen next and that I’ve got my own Vacoped boot, he looked complexed and said he would be back shortly. About 30 mins later he came back and said you still here, (having a hard day I guessed). After answering some questions he came to the dicision I could put the boot on at 30 degrees and work my way to 15 when comfortable up to the physio appointment, book an appointment with the physio for 3 weeks time and back to the hospital on the 4th January.

So I’ve been spending a couple of hours a day, slowly but surly moving my foot towards 15 degrees, think I might get there over the weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing the physio though, as some professional care would be nice. At the moment I’m reading everyone else’s routines and trying not to get carried away.

As for this sitting at home all day, what a bore! What’s been worse is that my fiancee has been away most nights this week and having to cope on my own. God it takes so long to do anything!! 

Hope all is ok everyone ?

First day home!!

I made it home at last, it’s now friday morning I got home yesterday evening…..the final moments in hospital…..the pain had almost gone (thank god), I went to the plaster room and had my plaster replaced for a shiny new black one my food is now at an angle of about 30 - 45 degrees a little hard to tell without a pertractor. The physios’ came round and gave me a lesson on how to use them, which was helpful especially with the stairs. I then waited a couple of hours for the consultant, she came and said that I would have to keep my leg up for at least a week, and that I would be back in two weeks for a check on my wound and progress. I left with a goody bag of pills for pain and constipation.

I got home first thing BATH oh my god how good did that feel….My Vacoped Achill arrived this morning, quick since I only ordered and payed for it yesterday. It looks bloody awsome and cant wait to get into it. I had to pay for this myself as the Nhs in southampton only use the aircast systems due to budgeting, if you live in london you might have a better chance apparently. I am hoping to have this on when I go back in two weeks, which would then enable me to get in the bath, shower and go swimming without any issues of getting the plaster wet.

Well I will keep people updated with my progress and check in on others most days. Keep well and recover quickly.

The Day Of/After Op!!!

Day Of Op.

Got to be honest I was feeling very nervous as I was getting changed, that feeling of:-  Is this the right choice ?, the worry of getting an infection, losing nerve feeling, the op it self not going as planned. Then the doctor came in to see if I had any last questions and the ones I had, got a reply of “there are so many varibles that we would have to wait and see how the surgery goes”. But the one thing he did say, was that after all is over I might not get my full ROM (Range of movement) back and it might effect my ability for running etc.

So down I went to theatre, where I was met by a nice lady that gave me some white stuff via IV and then I felt a tingling sensation and away with the angels I went that was at 1100hrs. I woke in recovery and it was 1303hrs and in pain, she gave me another injection of Morphine and I woke up at 1520hrs with some friends looking at me back in the normal bed at the ward. Which I must thank for the Burger King that they went and got for me mmmmmm. I spoke to the nurse and apparently everything went well. I then had a bad night with the pain, I was taking oral morph and that didn’t seem to be helping much, eventually they gave me morphine via IV and that knocked me out till the morning.

Day After (so far 1530hrs).

I have had to have my plaster split due to the pain of the pressure that its creating on my calf area, oh what a feeling!!!(bliss). I have got a constant thobbing around my lower calf area and the occasional stabbing pain just lower than that. I am still taking oral morph as well as the normal (2x paracetamol 1x codine 1x brufen) and this seems to be working. I am waiting for the doctors to come round and tell me exactly what they found and did yesterday and what sort of time plan they have for keeping me in. That’s it for now…….

……..Continued. Well a consultant finally turned up at 1730hrs to confirm that all went well with the operation, she didn’t have much to say since she didn’t do the op, but did answer some timeline questions that I had for her and what would happen next. It’s now thursday morning so she kept me in for another night since it was to late to have my plaster fixed, physio to come out and I hadn’t had any bowel movement and that I would have to do that before leaving, so started on the nasty tasting white magnesium, but still as yet fail to pass. I should be heading for the plaster room this morning, followed quickly by the physios’ who apparently are going to teach me how to use my crutches and explain the next couple of weeks.

Hospital days

Well its now sunday, i’ve been in hospital (Southampton General) since friday and still waiting for a space in the rota of surgery, they had my hopes up this morning when I was told it would be today and was therefore Nil By Mouth. Two hours later in came the doctor and cancelled it…so close yet so far….all being well it will be tomorrow he said.

I’ve been told that the operation will take approximatley 1 hour as long as there are no complications. That I would most probably be out for a couple of hours in total.

 I’ve spoken with the Physio person and mentioned about the chance of getting a “VacoPed” she seemed confused and I had to show her online (Oh My God) what have I got here!!!!! All of the nurses have been great to date, less said about the doctors that flitter past you with no care in the world, but I suppose there not here for the caring just the fixing and leave the caring to the nurses.
Awaiting Op
Awaiting Op1