Crazy protocol continues…..

Well went back to hospital today and the good news is after 6 weeks in a cast NWB & 2 weeks in a cast PWB the cast has been removed. The bad news is that’s it! No hinged walking boot, no follow up appointments etc, doc told me not to run and to take things slowly for next 3 months AND had I not asked for it, I would have not got physio either! I’ve now been thrust into 2 shoes and to say I feel vulnerable is the understatement of the year!!! I’ve been told to do some stretches for 2 weeks until my physic appt. Is it worth buying a pair of walking/hiking boots to support my AT guys??

PWB and loving it!!!

Hello all. Just to let you know that I’m coming up to 2 weeks PWB and loving the little bit extra stability on my feet this has brought me! One thing I’m concerned about is 8 weeks into my ATR I have never once had an ultrasound or MRI to check how my AT has healed or even where it ruptured - is this normal or should I be pushing for one? I’m back to see the consultant on 14th Feb where I’m going to push for a boot so I can start the next phase of recovery. I will of course keep you posted how I get on in my battle with the mighty NHS!!! Take it easy y’all 

Potential good news!

I’m seeing a private Physio because I was involved in a car accident several weeks before I ruptured my AT (don’t these things come in three’s!). Anyway, I haven’t been able to get to see her since the accident for various reasons until today. When I told her about my treatment protocol she was livid and asked for my consultants name and is going to ring the Hospital to complain about it! She said I should be as least FWB 7 weeks after I ruptured my AT. Not sure if it will do anything other than make the doctors despise me even more than they already do, but what the hell! She was excellent and massaged my ‘good’ calf as it’s gotten so tight I was convinced that one was going to rupture. Oh and she gave me a new set of crutches as she said the ones I got from the Hospital (that rest under my armpits - think they’re called auxillary ones?) are not good when partial weight bearing. Got to go back and see her for an hour on Mon and she’s going to give me accupuncture on ‘good’ calf! Things might be on the up! Thanks for all of your comments and support folks - I really appreciate it. Especially Normofthenorth - you are a legend Sir!!


Guys thanks for the comments on my posts. Unfortunately when I try to reply from my iPhone the anti-spam word must only be viewable on flash player (must have happened following the upgrade as never had a problem before) which apple in their ‘wisdom’ don’t support so I can’t reply to them! I’ll need to get to a PC which is a bit awkward at the moment but I promise I’ll reply properly ASAP. Norm of north, just to let you know I have updated my Achilles profile and yes, I did take the protocols you kindly sent me links to along to the hospital but they weren’t interested I’m afraid - too set in their ways I suppose. One thing I’ve taken away from this experience is how inconsistent the approach is to treating ATR’s. I know each one needs to be treated on it’s own merits but there doesn’t appear to be a standard approach. A lady I work with who lives 5 miles away from me totally ruptured her AT and the tendon rolled back up to her calf. She was placed in a NWB cast for 7 weeks then out of the cast - with no boot/protection or anything for a week (again NWB) then started physio!!! it’s a lottery out there! Heal well folks.

Gateshead NHS - haven’t got a clue!!!

Well I went to see the consultant today as my 6 weeks are up. He wasn’t around so saw another doctor who removed my cast - by the way did anyone’s foot go into overdrive and start twitching like crazy for 20 mins after first cast was removed? It was quite scary!! Anyway, he did a Thompson test which thank god worked (there was no movement 6 weeks ago). Then, to my absolute horror he said I now needed to have the position of my foot changed and would go into another cast for another FOUR weeks - again, NWB. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, this would have meant 10 weeks immobilised and NWB - CRAZY!! I told the doctor that this seemed ridiculous and I wasn’t happy. He made some notes and told me to back into the waiting room. After 20 mins he came out and told me I would now be in a cast for the next 2 weeks and gave me some sort of ’shoe’ and said I can PWB (phew!!). I have grave concerns over my level of care and nobody is interested. Unfortunately I cannot afford to go private much as I’d like to. So let’s see what happens now……


Hi folks. Its 6 weeks since I did my AT in, any idea when I’ll be given the green light to start driving again? I’m currently in a cast just below the knee.

Site back up at last - well done Dennis!!

It seems like an eternity since the site went down but in reality it was only 4 weeks or so. Not much has changed, I’m still in the cast I was put in 5 weeks ago as I couldn’t get to see my consultant any earlier and my GP basically told me to stop reading the Internet and listen to the people who have studied for years to do their job!! I wasnt happy but that’s the NHS for you. I’ve been back at work since 4th Jan 2011 and whilst it’s good to get back amongst people I’m eager for the next stage in my recovery to start. Back at hospital on 31st Jan and not sure if I’ll get a boot or another cast etc so will have to wait and see. Good to be back ‘online’ I’ve really missed this site.

Long road ahead!!

Hello all, looks like I have joined the club! Firstly, this site looks excellent and I’ve read some great comments so thanks to the creators and all of you that have taken time to post stuff. I ruptured the Achilles tendon in my right leg whilst dancing at my office Xmas party - literally BREAK dancing! As with all others I actually thought somebody on the dancefloor had kicked me in the heel - total agony!! I went to A&E and was given the bad news (thought I’d just bruised it) and was put in a holding cast until I saw my consultant the following day. I was given the choice of surgery or a cast for 6 weeks - being a wimp I chose the non surgical option. I’m going to use this blog to chart my recovery and see if I made the wrong choice! I’d like to hear from all that have gone down this route (good and bad stories!).

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