Back in the saddle

Hi folks, it’s been a while since my last post, hope you are all healing well  Just wanted to share that I’m now back on my mountain bike and I’m doing really well. I was nervous that the impact from the road/dirt track surface would aggravate the AT but so far I’ve come away unscathed and decidedly healthier (lost 6lbs of the 9 I gained when I was immobile!). I STILL have a bit of a limp and STILL can’t do a 1 legged heel raise but I’m not letting it get to me, it will come when it comes!! Take it easy y’all!

2 Responses to “Back in the saddle”

  1. You reading this, mi5htymike?

  2. Hi there
    Whilst I’m interested in your recovery, and everyone elses of course, I read with a lot of interest that you have lost 6lb of the 9lb you gained. Well done! I am still in plaster (although comes off tomorrow) and have gained weight and it is really getting me down. Hope I can lose it soon :)
    Good luck with the rest of the recovery

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