14 weeks - just one small ‘hiccup’

All is going well, no re-rupture which i thank god for!! Hit a bit of a plateau so continuing to strengthen the calf and trying to lose the limp now I’ve ditched the crutches. I’ve ramped up the reps of stretches with the thereband from 5 sets of 10 to 10 sets of 10 three times a day and the calf is definitely coming on from the limp piece of flesh I was horrified to see when the cast came off 6 weeks ago. Little hiccup today as when i woke up, the big toe on my injured leg was really tender and I couldn’t bend it without experiencing excruciating pain. I can only assume it was because I did more heel raises yesterday than I’ve done before - just 5 sets of 10 as opposed to the usual 3 sets of 10. Today I could barely put any weight on it so been elevating and resting it, which is probably a good thing. I’ve still managed my thereband exercises and as I type it’s starting to loosen up and the pain is subsiding, it felt weird almost like it was dislocated and needed to ‘crack’ back into position, not good!! Happy healing folks 

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  1. Ouchie!!! I’m sure at some point I will overdo it…it’s my nature….your story will remind me to “BE CAREFUL” although I have people reminding me hourly about that.

    LOL “limp piece of flesh”….I miss my calf…I still have the lovely dent and there is no curve whatsoever…ruler straight!

    I cannot believe how tight the AT leg is in the morning. You best be careful Gary…you have to be a good example to me as you are ahead of me in the journey and I’m keeping track of your progress!

    Hang in there….and happy healing as well.

  2. Im having achilles tendon surgeries this week after almost 4 years of trying everything else….any tips or advice?

  3. Im having achilles tendon surgery this week..any tips or advice?

  4. Gary,
    Hopefully, your big toe gets sorted out quickly. Otherwise it sounds like you are moving along well.

    So many things get ‘messed up’ when our limbs are immobilized for so long. You really are rehabilitating all your ligaments, tendons, nerves, muscles, etc. that were stuck in the cast for so long. Blessings, pk

  5. I read this entry yesterday and thought about it all night. I had almost the same thing happen to me. My big toe joint has swollen up twice since surgery. The second time it was so bad I taped icy hot pads to it to try to sleep. It felt like what you said about wanting to pop the joint…well I did and that inflamed it even more. My PT thought it might be gout and doc said..maybe so I went for a blood test. Not gout…doc can’t explain it but seems to think it is compensatory from altered gait. It lasted for a couple of days both times. I pray it won’t happen again! Wondering if yours was the same…..
    Yeah, I gotcha on the coworker attitudes. I hate to tell people that I’m not 100% so I just try to do as much as I can avoiding any situation that might bring up my status. We went out to eat with friends the other night and I couldn’t keep up walking in….it pissed me off to have to say “wait up”. One of my neighbors saw me limp a little and said “Are you STILL having problems with that?”. Now what do you say in that situation? Someday……we’ll be normal again, I guess:-)

  6. Hi GB! It sounds VERY similar. It hasn’t been great today but guess what, I was walking up the stairs before when….. ‘CRACK’!!! Sounded awful but I didn’t get any pain and now I can bend the foot in all directions! The pain is gone and I can put weight on it again. I think you’re right, it has got to be something to do with the adjusted gait - very odd, hope it doesn’t happen again  We will be ‘normal’ again soon I’m sure, keep on keeping on!

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  7. Hi Cyndi. Difficult for me to give any tips regarding surgery as I went down the non-surgical route. My advice would be to read other posts of people that have had the surgery. Hopefully you’ll get a good surgeon and a modern rehab protocol which should see you back in ‘2 shoes’ in no time 

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  8. Hi Janet, you seem to be doing very well too - keep it going, square with weights…impressive but don’t overdo it  The tightness of the AT will disappear over the coming weeks as you do more stretches and ramp up the PT. The good news is that big toe is now pain free after ‘cracking’ as I walked up the stairs so I’ll go back to 3 sets of 10 heel raises tomorrow and see how that feels. Keep me posted with your recovery!!

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  9. Thanks for the comments PK. Yeah god knows what’s going on inside Our bodies after a trauma like an AT to contend with!! I’m constantly amazed at how resiliant the human body is, to join a tendon back together without surgical intervention is truly amazing!! Toe is back to normal now thank goodness - on with the rehab 

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  10. Glad the toe recovered, Gary. This I know from nothing. But I’d still urge you to convert to Incrementalism!! “Never do significantly more than you got away with the last time!” Going from 3 sets of heel raises to 4, instead of 5, may cost you a day, but jumping to 5 may cost you a week!

    Lots of us made even bigger jumps, and regretted some of them — like my jump from NO heel raises to as many as I could!! :-(

  11. VERY wise words my friend and they have been heeded!!! Things are back on track again and the limp is definitely on the way out 

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