Is it too soon to drive??

Thanks for comment Norm, will def practice that move. Does anyone think that trying to drive just 6 days after my cast has come off is too soon? I’ve been doing my stretches and excercises 3 times a day and have had no reaction pain-wise to these. I’d gee’d myself up for it today but now I’m having doubts!!!

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  1. When I first started to drive again I did the following, and I think it was helpful, and respectful to others on the road…
    1. I practiced multiple “emergency stops” on our dead-end road.
    2. I gradually increased the length of the drives. (1st drive was 10 miles, 2nd drive 10 miles, 3rd drive 20 miles, 4th drive 30 miles).
    3. I took back roads on the first drive rather than the highway, so I was driving at a slower speed and could therefore stop easier if needed.
    4. My husband came with me the first 2 times I drove, in case at some point, I had any problems, he could take over.

    For me, I think this worked well. After a couple “supervised” test drives, I think you’ll know clearly whether you’re good to go, or whether you need to give it more time.

  2. Cheers Iski. Very good advice there and a very sensible approach. I was only planning to do approx 4 miles on my first trip and I’ll def practice a lot of braking on empty roads and take the wife along with me. I’m going to see private physio on Tues and I’m sure she’ll have a good idea as to I am in terms of getting behind the wheel. As with a lot of things following an ATR we just need to get our confidence back and trust in our bodies and hope they don’t let us down!!!

  3. I’d check with your physio and ring your insurance up. I did both of those things. Mind you as you have no visible signs e.g air boot, crutches or a cast it’s probably different for you. Good Luck with it. LL

  4. Hi LL. Ive still be using the crutches but im down to one this week then will be FWB next week. Rang my ins co and they said no prob driving as long as DVLA have no restrictions - checked their website and they don’t. Rang my physio this morning and she said it’s ultimately down to me and how the injury feels. She recommended practicing a bit more without starting the car then going around the block a few times and see how it feels so I’ll try that tonight. It’s a week today since my cast came off and had virtually no pain. However I’m not naive enough to think I’m out of the woods and won’t be taking anything forgranted and continuing to watch my step!

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