10 weeks post ATR tomorrow!!

In some ways this 10 weeks has flown, in many other ways it’s seemed like an eternity! Janet, I loved that phrase ‘ you’re not where you were last week’ - never a truer word typed!! It seems like once the cast came off and i was ‘flung’ back into the outside world that’s when [...]

Out for a spin….

Took car out for the first time tonight. I chose a time and route that meant minimal traffic on the journey. It just shows that whilst a little practice is good, there’s no subsitute for the real thing and i quickly found out i could manage the accelerator ok, I found I couldn’t get my [...]

Is it too soon to drive??

Thanks for comment Norm, will def practice that move. Does anyone think that trying to drive just 6 days after my cast has come off is too soon? I’ve been doing my stretches and excercises 3 times a day and have had no reaction pain-wise to these. I’d gee’d myself up for it today but [...]

Can you do too many stretches?

Hi folks. Been out of my cast & in 2 shoes (PWB) for 2 days now. I’m doing stretches and moving the foot to get my ROM back and although it’s VERY early days…..so far so good, no swelling other than what was there when my cast came off which should hopefully go down in [...]

Crazy protocol continues…..

Well went back to hospital today and the good news is after 6 weeks in a cast NWB & 2 weeks in a cast PWB the cast has been removed. The bad news is that’s it! No hinged walking boot, no follow up appointments etc, doc told me not to run and to take things [...]

PWB and loving it!!!

Hello all. Just to let you know that I’m coming up to 2 weeks PWB and loving the little bit extra stability on my feet this has brought me! One thing I’m concerned about is 8 weeks into my ATR I have never once had an ultrasound or MRI to check how my AT has [...]

Potential good news!

I’m seeing a private Physio because I was involved in a car accident several weeks before I ruptured my AT (don’t these things come in three’s!). Anyway, I haven’t been able to get to see her since the accident for various reasons until today. When I told her about my treatment protocol she was livid [...]


Guys thanks for the comments on my posts. Unfortunately when I try to reply from my iPhone the anti-spam word must only be viewable on flash player (must have happened following the upgrade as never had a problem before) which apple in their ‘wisdom’ don’t support so I can’t reply to them! I’ll need to [...]