Back in the saddle

Hi folks, it’s been a while since my last post, hope you are all healing well  Just wanted to share that I’m now back on my mountain bike and I’m doing really well. I was nervous that the impact from the road/dirt track surface would aggravate the AT but so far I’ve come away unscathed and decidedly healthier (lost 6lbs of the 9 I gained when I was immobile!). I STILL have a bit of a limp and STILL can’t do a 1 legged heel raise but I’m not letting it get to me, it will come when it comes!! Take it easy y’all!

16 weeks and can’t do a 1 legged heel raise!

As the subject line states I still can’t do a 1 leg heel raise unless I take virtually all my weight on a table top etc. At 16 weeks this can’t be right so I’m either doing the wrong excercises or not doing enough of the ones I am doing!!! Right that’s my moan out of the way, on the plus side the limp has virtually gone and this has happened over the last 4 days. I managed to take my daughter into the gardens of the restaurant we were at today and walk on uneven ground without panicking I was going to go over, don’t get me wrong, I still watched my step but to not worry was a great feeling and a sign I’m getting back to some sort of ‘normality’. I’m looking forward to what the next few months throw at me with a smile on my face 

14 weeks - just one small ‘hiccup’

All is going well, no re-rupture which i thank god for!! Hit a bit of a plateau so continuing to strengthen the calf and trying to lose the limp now I’ve ditched the crutches. I’ve ramped up the reps of stretches with the thereband from 5 sets of 10 to 10 sets of 10 three times a day and the calf is definitely coming on from the limp piece of flesh I was horrified to see when the cast came off 6 weeks ago. Little hiccup today as when i woke up, the big toe on my injured leg was really tender and I couldn’t bend it without experiencing excruciating pain. I can only assume it was because I did more heel raises yesterday than I’ve done before - just 5 sets of 10 as opposed to the usual 3 sets of 10. Today I could barely put any weight on it so been elevating and resting it, which is probably a good thing. I’ve still managed my thereband exercises and as I type it’s starting to loosen up and the pain is subsiding, it felt weird almost like it was dislocated and needed to ‘crack’ back into position, not good!! Happy healing folks 

12 week marker.

Just thought I’d put a quick post out as it’s been over 2 weeks since my last one. I’m trying to get my calf strength back up now with various stretches and heel raises. My ‘bad’ leg still feels really weak but I do feel like I’m getting back to some sort of normality now. I’ve been driving for 2 weeks and have found out the hard way that I CAN do an emergency stop! I haven’t missed the idiots on the roads!!! Anyway, great to have my independence back . The tendon still looks pretty grim compared to my good one, as it’s all swollen and looks shocking but I’m starting to get used to it. Taking it one step at a time, it’s easy to get carried away and think you’re out of the woods and you can do anything so just reigning myself in and I have been sensible and so far…….so good. Just wish i could get rid of this limp - any tips gang????


Thanks for the kind comments folks - gutted that the physio I had to practically beg for in the first place was a complete waste of time. I’m at work at the moment but will reply to you all individually later on. Happy healing!!!!

Physio? What physio!!

So, today was my first physio ’session’ - I use the term session loosely as it only lasted 10 mins and went something like this…. “so Mr Forster how is the tendon, any pain when you do your exercises at home?” Me - “no, but I have been getting a burning sensation in my heel when I do too many stretches” Physio - “oh, that’s not good make sure you cut the reps down if it happens again. Now, press your foot against my hand….seems quite strong, ok we need to strengthen the calf up”. Goes away and gets me a Theraband (I already have one) and shows me some stretches (which I’m already doing at home). “are you a member of a gym Mr Forster?” Me - “no” “have you got a mountain bike?” “yes” “great, get on it, by the way it could re-rupture at any time so don’t sue me if it does as it’s weak now. Carry on doing 2 legged toe raises and I’ll give you a 5 week open appointment, which means you can ring me to ask any questions you may have - take care”. So that was that, no massage, no extra stretches or exercises and no further appointments. I’d put 2 hours on the car park and had been in for 10 mins so was not amused!!! My question to you folks is…. What exercises can i do at this stage? I’m 11 weeks post ATR, i was put in a cast for 8 weeks and have been out of the cast for almost 3 weeks. I’m in 2 shoes and FWB with a pronounced limp!!

10 weeks post ATR tomorrow!!

In some ways this 10 weeks has flown, in many other ways it’s seemed like an eternity! Janet, I loved that phrase ‘ you’re not where you were last week’ - never a truer word typed!! It seems like once the cast came off and i was ‘flung’ back into the outside world that’s when the recovery REALLY started. I’m bound to jinx myself here and I know there’s a long way to go (22 miles according to my NYC marathon tracker…..LOL), but I’m feeling good, religiously doing my home rehab stretches and excercises 3 times a day and there’s a bit of definition creeping back into my calf.. Yeeeesssss!!! Norm, I can’t find the setting to change the posting options, you mentioned AJAX - looked for this but can’t locate - help!!

Out for a spin….

Took car out for the first time tonight. I chose a time and route that meant minimal traffic on the journey. It just shows that whilst a little practice is good, there’s no subsitute for the real thing and i quickly found out i could manage the accelerator ok, I found I couldn’t get my foot raised to the angle where I could rest my heel on the floor and push down so had to press brake with my foot off the floor - not good and I found I couldn’t generate much power to push the brake pedal down quickly in this position. This means should I need to stop quickly there was little chance, so although i felt no after effects, driving is definitely off the agenda for a while longer. Whilst I’m disappointed, I have to think of the danger i could pose to others and remember that this time last week my leg had just been taken out of plaster after 8 weeks immobilised so need to ‘walk before I can run’ and be patient and work on getting my strength back. My wife is ‘delighted’ she’s my taxi cab for a while longer - bless her, I know these last 9 weeks have tested our marriage to say the least!!

Is it too soon to drive??

Thanks for comment Norm, will def practice that move. Does anyone think that trying to drive just 6 days after my cast has come off is too soon? I’ve been doing my stretches and excercises 3 times a day and have had no reaction pain-wise to these. I’d gee’d myself up for it today but now I’m having doubts!!!

Can you do too many stretches?

Hi folks. Been out of my cast & in 2 shoes (PWB) for 2 days now. I’m doing stretches and moving the foot to get my ROM back and although it’s VERY early days… far so good, no swelling other than what was there when my cast came off which should hopefully go down in due course. Can you do too many stretches and excercises at this stage? Obviously the main thing on my mind at the moment is making sure I strengthen the AT & calf without re-rupturing. I have a physio appt in 2 weeks but any advice you can provide would be appreciated 