10 Weeks post op - jogging

April 19, 2009 | |

Hello, Just had my 10 weeks post op visit on Wednesday of this week. Dr. Gave me the green light to start jogging. I am doing 30 minute stints where I will walk for 15 minutes jog 5 minutes then walk 10 minutes, gradullay increasing the jog time. Achilles is still stiff but I can jog no problem. Question for the group, Dr. made nomention of PT. Seems like most people get it. I meant to ask him about it but forgot. My next appt is in 4 weeks. PLease weigh in on thoughts about requesting PT. Dr. did comment I had a bunch of tissue while feeling my achilles, dont know what that mean. I should do a better job making him explain himself but I just kind of defer to him as I have been happy with the prgoress so far. Best of luck to all!!


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  1. schmeck on April 20, 2009 7:15 am

    The few PT sessions that I’ve had have really helped with the scar tissue lump. It’s seems smaller after every session. I look forward to the ultrasound, massage, and stretching that they do - it really feels good. I would recommend it even if it’s just for that. I would guess that it will help with the feeling of stiffness too.

  2. airzoomy on April 20, 2009 6:57 pm

    If you have insurance, by all means make PT appointments. Like Schmeck mentioned, the stretching, ultrasound and massage make it all worth it. However, that’s great to hear you’re jogging after 10 weeks.

  3. matthew on April 21, 2009 11:06 pm

    I have 2 PT sessions a week and have since 3-17-09 (about 6 weeks post op) I find them very helpful. They give me good excersises to do that stregthen the tendon and SHOULD lower the risk of re-rupture..or so the PT says. Plus the ultrasound and laser treatment have shown that helps the healing process as well. Call your ortho and ask him to write you a percription for a few session and see of you get value. And congrats on your progress, i can still hardly walk without a limp and here you are showing me up with the jogging!!! GOod job man….

  4. bode on April 22, 2009 8:10 pm

    Hi Jason, Great news on being able to run at 10 weeks! You are making fast progress and without any PT so far. I have been going to PT 2x per week for 3 weeks and honestly, I’m not sure of the value. My PT is great, does a ton of stuff and it seems to help but then I’m in pain for 2 days afterwards. I am still walking with a slight limp but slowly getting better. It may be worth try for a few sessions. I am trying to get rid of a hard bit of scar tissue right at the incision about an inch long. So far not much progress. Anyway, since you have been on an aggressive path to date, the PT may not be as important. It seems those of us who were in a cast longer take longer to regain enough strength to walk normally. Thanks for the update–good to hear you are able to jog–gives me hope!

  5. ganahlsearch on April 26, 2009 9:24 pm

    Spoke with a friend today who coincidentally is an orthopedic surgeopn he told me PT probably wont do me any good at this point anyway so I am not even going to ask my surgeon about it. Thanks for the comments, I feel fine, my only concern is that I would be missing out on the massage, IS it anything other than rubbing on the tendon, I do it for about 2-3 minutes a day. Thanks for the comments! Talk with you all later,

  6. Smish on April 27, 2009 5:05 am


    The massage you get in PT is kind of painful and very deep. (At least it was for me) My PT pushed hard on the surrounding leg muscles not just on the incision or tendon. Maybe you could go to 1 PT session and have them teach you what should be done. The deep massage helped me almost more than anything. I was not prescribed any PT on surgeries 2 or 3. I did it all myself and I honestly feel a lot less hastled. I did a ton of PT with my first surgery and it got to be too much focus on the injury. It may have been good for my foot but not for my mental state.
    I agree with something Bode mentioned, I bet the longer you are immobilized, the more PT is helpful. My doc on #2 and #3 had me moving right away after surgery. If I remember correctly yours did too. That is probably why PT was not as important for us. Who knows…. Just a guess.

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