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A Wintry New Year’s Eve

January 1, 2010 · 3 Comments

Alley Pond Park-12-31-09

Alley Pond Park-12-31-09

On New Year’s eve, we got about half a foot of snow here in Queens, NY……but enjoyed trudging through the park.  What a beautiful view, my cellphone photo doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea…….

Happy New Year to all of you at all stages of recovery.  As I approach my first anniversary of my achilles surgery (which is Feb. 18), I am dreaming of races great and small…so glad to be running again and able to contemplate the longer races in 2010!

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Happy Holidays

December 25, 2009 · No Comments

christmas_graphics_a31HAPPY HOLIDAYS -



Wishing everyone a restful holiday and a peaceful New Year. 

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Squeaked out a 50-mile week….

December 7, 2009 · 1 Comment

So I started doing some evening runs, which always felt better even when I was not recovering from injury…..and I seem to be able to push a little harder, have much looser tendons (on both sides, as the left still can act up a bit).  But still not breaking any speed records, but I guess that will come back slowly, I hope.  Felt a little sore later in the week (Thursday), so took a second day off in addition to my usual Mondays off…..then squeezed in some longer runs Friday night (8), Saturday (20) and Sunday (10)… squeak out a total of 50 miles.  Happy to say that today (Monday), not feeling as sore, so will do my usual lunch-hour stationary bike and then think about a short run tonight, since tomorrow will be tough due to work obligations…..

Onward, upward, keeping my eye on the prize (the goal to be racing in the new year……)

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Tired, but happy…

November 29, 2009 · 2 Comments

Just a quick post to report that I took advantage of the holidays off to up my mileage, so I was able to get in a 10 miler and several 7 milers on days I would normally have only had time for 5…..capped off by a good 20 miler today.  And the feet are holding up.  But having jumped from a total of 37 miles last week to over 50 this week, yup I am tired!!  But it’s a good feeling….

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First race…

November 22, 2009 · 3 Comments

evidence of my first (low-key) race attempt
evidence of my first (low-key) race attempt

With a local race practically in my backyard this weekend, I decided to enter the “no frills, no T-shirt, no awards” Back Alley 5K yesterday….the low-key tone of the race seemed like the perfect opportunity to test the waters.  And I thought it would be fun to run in the “back alleys” of Queens’ Alley Pond Park, where I had very little experience, even after living here about 4 years. Luckily, someone warned before we took off that the back alleys included some true, “cross country” trails, most notably rocky, muddy portions covered by fallen autumn leaves!  So needless to say, I was very careful on these portions, and did not worry about “time” (which came out over 29 minutes when all was said and done….)

BUT, it broke the ice, so to speak…gave me a good fartlek workout (I was able to push more on the flat, paved portions), and also afforded me the opportunity to see lots of kids trying out the course and having a ball running through the woods…I came home and iced both feet, and did a lot of stretching with the splint….still felt sore today, so only ran 10 miles instead of the usual 20….Not much of a “race” for me, but it still felt good being out there with a number on  again!  Yes, it was tough, but I think I was smiling most of the way :)

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Steady as she goes….

November 16, 2009 · 1 Comment

Nothing earth-shattering to report…..but had a good solid week of running, capped by a nice 18-miler (or so) on Sunday, where I was able to pick up the pace on the way back despite the humid and unseasonably warm temperatures…..

Thinking of doing a low-key, no-frills 5K next Saturday, just to see how slow I am :)  and to compensate for a race I’ll be missing on the same day (a 60K in Central Park!  which yes, I actually considered doing until my husband talked me “off the ledge”…..maybe if it was just a 50K I could have handled it, tee hee ;)

Good health and good healing to all…..

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Got the can’t seem to get ahead blues…

November 8, 2009 · 2 Comments

Autumn in Queens

Autumn in Queens

I have no right to complain….I am almost nine months out since my surgery, and have been running for about the last four….BUT it just seems like the last month or so it’s been one thing after another that is hampering my big plans for getting back into training shape and able to re-join the running and racing world in the spring.  I lost a weekend of long runs a few weeks ago because of basal cell skin cancer surgery, which has healed up nicely thank you very much…..but then on Friday, came down with intestinal flu and lost another long run weekend recovering from those symptoms and their aftermath……So am feeling a bit depressed……Sorry but it felt good just to get that out!

At least…….it was a nice day today, and I squeaked out 8 very unsatfisfying miles (felt weak, but thankfully had no gastrointestinal symptoms)…..and got to see the lovely fall foliage along the Alley Pond park pathway… I will stop whining and try to look forward to next weekend without obsessing about the miles I didn’t do this week…..

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20 on Halloween and NYC Marathon (on TV)

November 1, 2009 · No Comments

cute ghost

cute ghost

Had a nice run of 20 miles on Halloween….followed by a long Trick or Treating walk with my 11-yr old son (dressed as a NY Yankee) and his friends…..the walk made my feet more sore than the run!  On Sunday, I kept it to a short run of 6 miles, followed by moisturizer and self-massage to my sore feet (since the left was sore too), which seemed to help…..

Did the long run on Saturday mostly because I wanted to watch the NYC Marathon….on TV, on Sunday morning.   Felt nostalgic (having run it 12 times, but the last time was an emotional one in 2001…).  Thinking of maybe trying it again after I turn 50 (which will be 2011’s version)….wondering if my tendon will be feeling normal by then?  ;) 

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Good run yesterday….

October 26, 2009 · No Comments

After a slow start to the week (post-Moh’s surgery on my face), managed to rev it up this weekend for an 8-mile run on Saturday and a 20-mile run on Sunday….felt pretty good, although was very sore afterwards (in both tendons….)

Today, Monday morning however, I was walking quite smoothly — no limp — which hopefully means that my feet can take the stress.  Looking forward to getting the facial stitches out tomorrow, so that I can get rid of the tight feeling, let the scar heal, and get on with my life :)

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All went well (not Achilles-related)

October 17, 2009 · 4 Comments

Just to report that all went well yesterday with the Mohs surgery…The Dr. was quick, efficient, and friendly.  He only had to do 2 “passes” before the margins came back clear, so the “hole” was less than the size of a quarter…..he then said I could either have him sew it up or go to another doctor’s office and have a plastic surgeon do it….but only a simple closure was needed (no graft or flap, just a horizontal line), so I told him I trusted him and would rather just have it done, so he did it and I was out of there in less than two hours…going back on the 27th to have the stitches removed (about eight, I think…)


The big pressure bandage is a bit uncomfortable, but I get to take that off today and go back to bandaids….The eye of course swelled up a bit yesterday, and I felt that the skin was pulling away from my eye because of the stitches, but I guess that will relax when the stitches are removed?  Doesn’t look like too much bruising yet, maybe it won’t be as purple as the biopsy was….


Anyway, I’ll take it easy over the weekend and see how it goes….thanks so much for the good wishes sent my way, so glad to have it over!  I’m stretching my foot now in the hope that I can get out for a run in a few days…

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