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5 month update. First Jog

Hi all. Been very busy dealing with life’s other hardships and without much new to say Achilles related…Progress has been slow but steady. Yesterday couldn’t wait any longer and went for my first easy jog (37′ !!). Felt great to be back. Still with some pain and minor limp but hanging in there. For all new recruits to this exclusive and select group, hang in there as well…slowly but surely it will get better…(Certainly better than the alternative:) Happy Easter,

Mystery and Sword

Hi,  I am Gabe and I ruptured my left achilles on 11/13/11 playing soccer.  It was a fairly typical ‘pop’ and look around…

Had surgery on 11/16, now on a fiberglass cast.  Dr. suggesting 4 weeks on it but willing to ‘cut it’ in two or even switch to Cam walker. After researching the site still not sure on which way to go. Open for suggestions.

I know the rupture can be coldly explained with scientific facts…Still I wonder, child like, about that invisible Sword that ‘cut’ down my achilles and the Mystery like the timing she chose for it…

I am looking forward to offer support and companionship to others going through this and that we all recover well.  Thank you for sharing and being supportive. Happy Thanksgiving and best recovery,