First post-op: FWB Scare

The cast came off today! I’m in an aircast with 3 wedges (remove one a week) and PWB as much as is comfortable. Back to the OS in 4 weeks for another post-op. He’s hoping to start some actual PT shortly thereafter!

My 10 ROM exercises per day are allowed to be supplemented with my choice of appropriate activity: stationary bike with the aircast, weights in the gym, and in a week I can swim. (No full immersion of the injury for a week, to ensure proper wound-healing under my steri-strips.) All in all, my OS was pleased with my progress & I was thrilled at his instructions!


I went back in the aircast (I feel so LIGHT!) and was testing out how much weight I could bear. Without thinking, I took 2 or 3 hobbling steps in the aircast from the front to rear passenger door to retrieve my own crutches. The tingling pain I felt scared me so badly that I spent the rest of the morning fearing I’d reinjured my tendon! I’ve definitely undone any “ahead-of-the-curve” delusions of pushing my tendon to be strong quickly. I’m hoping I can be realistic and progress correctly.

2 Responses to “First post-op: FWB Scare”

  1. The word you should repeat like a Mantra is INCREMENTAL! Keep progressing, but don’t lose attention (or your mind!), and don’t do a LOT more than you did already. And keep an eye on a good proven protocol, too, like , to make sure you’re not getting too far away (ahead OR behind) a good proven schedule.

  2. Hi fuegaliciuos! Sounds like me–six days after my surgery when my right crutch went flying away from me (due to a wet spot in the kitchen). I was able to grab the counter on my right but not before putting too much weight on the right. My first thoughts were, “I’m screwed!”. The pain was crazy, but thankfully not as bad as I imagined. Like normofthenorth recommends, hold back and just push a little bit each day! Gradually, those muscles and your Achilles tendon will remember what to do, and you will rejoice at your progress when it comes time to go FWB!

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