Exhausting, Relaxing Baths

Hooray! Another jailbreak day! My roommate didn’t tell me she was leaving the apartment unattended for a week, so I went to pick up the mail. It feels so good to get out & about, if only for an hour or so. I love the view from my tower window, but variety is the spice of life & it’s nice to see the world from a different angle.


The next big excitement for the day will be a nice, relaxing bath. After getting everything in place, I’m exhausted. I never really feel clean after sponge-bathing, so it’s worth it to be able to wash my hair, but I sure am earning these baths in sweat & prep-crutching! When I can finally shower, it will be gloriously loooooooow-maintenance. Just how I like it.

One Response to “Exhausting, Relaxing Baths”

  1. A bath is glorious! I didn’t take a bath until I got my splint/cast off. I had to shower with a trash bag wrapped around my leg and sitting on a shower stool. Used the good ole doggie sprayer - not fun but still effective. I don’t think I could have lived with myself with sponge baths and no hair washing.

    Keep posting - you make my day when you post.

    Happy Healing!

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