Unmedicate My Heart

…say you’ll drug me agaaaaaain! (Thank you, Toni Braxton)

They say, “Be careful what you wish for,” but now I think I may add a new proverb to the mix: “Be careful what you wonder.” In the name of science, I have now discovered what it would feel like to heal from ATR surgery on day 5 post-op…without medication.

The mom who’s been taking care of me did express concern that I might not be able to keep on top of the muscle spasms and the pain, but it didn’t seem like there were many alternatives. I did what I could and continued to set my timer to go off every 3 hours for my next dose of pain meds. The lack of contiguous sleep must’ve caught up with me. I did fine waking up through the Valium in the daytime, but last night I slept through 2 full cycles of oxycodone alarms. All in all, however, it’s not that bad! The second night (with full and timely doses of medication) was more painful than day 5 cold turkey, so far.

While I do plan on getting this pain right back under control of the drugs once I’ve got some food in my stomach, it sounds like it’ll dwindle significantly until I start on the angle changes toward dorsi flexion. I’m going to gradually reduce my dosage until I’m off the pain medication on purpose next week. Until then, has anyone seen my spoon?

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  1. Did they do any blocks on your lower leg? That greatly reduced my pain and I only took pain meds for a couple days. After that, low dose Advil actually worked really well. Here’s hoping that’s under control soon. One of the things that scared me about this surgery was the potential for post op pain.

  2. Janis, they did in fact do a nerve block on the one that runs along the outside of the lower leg & attaches to the top of the foot. I was so grateful for that block once it wore off & I realized how much pain I could have been in on that first day.

    The surgeon was saying that if that nerve reacted poorly to being moved, I could end up with a burning pain to the top of my foot for up to 3 weeks! I only had that burning sensation for a day or two.

    The most intense pain was probably near the incision site and the part of the tendon that was sutures together, but even that has calmed down & is more than tolerable with a single tablet of the oxycodone. The general soreness in the area, I’m sure I’ll learn to accept it as I phase out the prescriptions for some OTC NSAIDs in the next few days.

    Did you use aspirin at all for pain or mostly the ibuprofen?

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  3. I used ibuprofen, usually only 200mg. A lot of studies discourage nsaids, but my OS had it in my list of options. I was healing very well, however.

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