Moving on up

I’m not worried about me going up/down stairs, even though I know it makes those around me nervous. For one thing, I’m coming into this injury with a pretty strong, healthy body already. The effects of the general anesthesia wore off very quickly and the post-op nurse felt confident that my crutching skills were at least as good as my nunchuck skills, though not quite as refined as my bow staff skills.

Also, I’m gaining strength with every passing day. Yesterday I may have pushed my limits a bit by crutching up & down the 34 steps to my apartment; I was definitely wiped out & out-of-sorts by the end of the day. After sleeping a full night without waking for med breaks, however, I awoke feeling like myself and ready to suck the marrow out of this beautiful, sunny day.

One of the first things I did this morning was practice balancing on the crutches with my legs tucked up to my chest. It started out as just a fun little way to get some activity on the way back from the bathroom, but it definitely escalated into a competition with myself. My list of events for the Crutch Olympics is growing steadily longer & more involved.


Other events include: crutch jousting, crutch vaulting, figure crutching, synchronized crutching, and…wait for it…crutch-nastics.

5 Responses to “Moving on up”

  1. I did stuff on my crutches that made my family cringe with the possibilities of how I could further break myself. Just land in the good foot if you lose your balance!

  2. And without extra padding on your crutch handles, too! My hands got beat up until I wrapped plastic foam (camping-pad stuff) around my crutch handles. (And I still didn’t do “wheelies”!)

  3. Exactly! :)
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  4. Wow, I’m impressed! I’m still trying to get rid of a callous on my hand from the crutches.

    Please be careful!

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