Aug 26

Woohoo!  I was officially green-lighted this morning for two shoes with wedges!

It was a quick appointment - the doctor looked at my scar, flexed my foot, squeezed my calf, felt the tendon, and compared it to the good leg.  I asked him about the sensitivity along the outside of my foot next to the tendon, and he said it was due to the nerve in that area that runs all the way to the foot.  The nerve takes a while to recover from surgery, but as long as I have feeling and no odd pains, it should be fine.  He did say “if you were being treated the old school way, you’d still be in a cast.”

I’m going to miss the boot a little.  The last four weeks just flew by.  It’s amazing how the little things, like being able to grab a drink from the fridge, makes recovery more bearable.  But the boot liner is beginning to stink.  Covering it up with Febreeze doesn’t help - you end up with a weird scent combination of freshness and foot sweat.