Aug 9

It’s been a week and half in the boot, and wouldn’t you know it, the doctor was right.  I went from PWB to FWB in about a week.  In fact, the foot is feeling pretty good.  For the first time since the surgery, the foot feels NORMAL.  It still gets a little swollen by the end of the day, but icing it and sleeping with it elevated fixes it by morning.  I’m still using the knee scooter to get around the house when I don’t have the boot on - it’s quite a luxury if you can swing it.

I’ll bet my feel-good-foot is digging the physical therapy I started last week.  In the first session, the PT took a bunch of ROM measurements, did some massage on the scar and to get the fluid out of my ankle, and did some electro-stimulation.  In the second session, I got some more massage, except much harder this time.  When I asked the PT why it was more intense the 2nd time, she cracked "the first time was the demo."  Got to do some ankle circles on a board with a ball under it, got some more electro-stimulation, and that was it.  Hopefully, she doesn’t turn the massage up another notch next week.  She’ll probably say "the second time was your free trial."