Jul 28

Cast off!  Cast away!  I was excited about getting the cast off and into a boot.  The doctor looked at my incision, made sure the allergic reaction was gone, moved my ankle around, felt my tendon, and set me off into boot land.  He warned me not to dorsiflex beyond 90 degrees, but other than that, put as much weight on it as I can stand.  "Let the pain be your guide."  Such wise words, not-so-young-Paduan.  When I asked him how long until FWB on the boot, he said "You’ll probably be able to do that in a week."  DANG!  I hadn’t even gone PWB yet.  They stuck one heel wedge in, showed me how to walk PWB with crutches, and sent me on my way.

On a side note, after seeing the ad for the Vacocast, it was a bit of a letdown to get Generic-Orthopedic-Walking-Boot-Number-One.  But at least I got to watch them pull it out of the plastic so I could have a bit of the "unboxing" experience.