Jul 8

I was soooo excited about the 2nd post-op appointment.  Why?  The big plaster splint comes off and I can finally scratch that itch.  Plus the sutures come off and I get to see what the incision looks like.  Over the last week, I kept on getting my toes wet in the shower because the plastic cast cover I used had a little leak somewhere.  The padding would dry off, but unfortunately, it got rougher each time.  At the very least, I could get a fresh splint!

The splint was removed and… ewww, kind of looks ugly.  A little raw and lots of skin scaling off.  Plus something that looks like an infection.  Diagnosis?  The doctor said the wound was reacting right where he put the antibiotic after surgery, so it might be an allergic reaction to the antibiotic.  Otherwise, the incision was healing great, but the sutures would stay in until the wound heals a bit more.  So they redressed the incision, gave me a fresh splint (yay) and prescribed a round of different antibiotics (boo).

Jul 12

A fews days later, they checked the wound again (it looked great!) and I was cleared for suture removal.  There was no pain at all - it felt like someone was forcefully removing dead skin.  At this point, I was hoping the doctor would change his mind and give me a boot.  No luck.  I was getting a cast, just as he promised.  At least the fiberglass cast was lighter than the plaster splint.  You may as well stamp Reebok on it and sell it as a leg weight.

This is was also the point where I realized how unimaginative I was.  You get your choice of color for the cast, and I chose white.  Not blue, not green, nor purple.  Standard white.  The Ikea of casts, without the funny name.