June 23rd

Another point for the other team.  I knew I had to do something heroic to change the momentum.  I followed the volleyball like an eagle preying on its next meal.  Set… spike… I dove to dig it out and then… well, nothing really happened, I just looked good missing the dig.  I ran after ball, stretched to pick it up, and THEN it happened.  It was a burning sensation on the back of my left heel, and I knew exactly what it was.

I went to urgent care that night and they put me in a splint.  The doctor did a Thompson test and said it was definitely an Achilles rupture.  "But you knew that already, didn’t you?"  He told me that podiatry/orthopedics would call me tomorrow morning to schedule an appointment, and I should follow up in the afternoon if they don’t.

June 24th

Of course they didn’t call in the morning, so I called in the afternoon.  The next available appointment was… JULY 21st.  Holy crap.  "It’s an Achilles rupture.  Maybe you should double-check if I need to be seen sooner."  Some pleasant hold music followed and then they scheduled me for June 27th.  Sweet.

June 27th

I checked out the doctor they referred me to.  Podiatrist… okay.  Board certified in foot and ankle surgery… good.  Specializes in reconstructive ankle surgery… that can’t be bad.  In the office, he basically did another Thompson test, felt my Achilles (or lack thereof) and went over my options.  I knew I wanted surgery.  If he had told me the non-surgical option came with free unicorns, I would’ve still taken surgery.  He assured me that he’d done hundreds of Achilles repairs, averaging about three surgeries per month.  I signed some consent forms and got scheduled for the next day.