Emotional Roller Coaster

Deciding to go non-surgical was an emotional roller coaster.  Everyone told me I was crazy to not get surgery because of how active I am.  I am a track coach, aerobics instructor, personal trainer, Zumba teacher, boot camp host, and still sprint, hurdle, and jump with my high school athletes.  I hope and pray that I will be able to return to my pre-injury fitness level.  I love to workout!  The fear of not being able to workout explosively has a t times caused me great depression, thinking that I may have made a mistake not having surgery.  I posted earlier and Normofthenorth helped ease some of my fears but it is still a daily struggle.  At about 3 weeks post casting, I asked my doctor to operate on my achilles because I was having anxiety about the loss of ability to do explosive activities.  He did not want to do it at that point since it was already healing.  I was in panic mode!  I scheduled to meet with another surgeon.  5 weeks post casting I met with him.  He seemed in awe of my progress. He said that he usually does surgery on ATRs.  But if he ever ruptured his and could guarantee that it would look like mine 5 weeks post injury then he would definitely go Non-surgical!  That was so reassuring.  He asked me a few more questions and said that he feels I will be able to do all the explosive activities I would be able to do with surgery- that it would just take me a few months longer to be able to.  Both doctors have told me that I would loose about .2 seconds of my speed but that I would still be able to run and sprint- just not quite as fast.  I guess I can live with that.  But I sure wish I would have slept in instead of going to Strength and Conditioning camp the day I was injured.  As active as I am…hurdling, running hills, doing plyo-metrics… I just can’t believe I was injured by being stepped on.  Now I’m not sure I’ll ever try hurdling and exploding out of blocks again.  Only time will tell.  I had been planning to run in the USATF masters the past few years.  If this has taught me anything…never take anything for granted…don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today.

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