Physical therapy

Did most of you get referred for PT? My doctor does not refer to PT- he told me to begin biking and swimming and to use theraband to strengthen.
did ultrasound treatments help any of you? I am a coach and the trainer at my school did it for me and it seemed to [...]

Walk with a limp! How long does it last?

I am 13 weeks post ATR- non-op. It healed very well- but is pretty tight. I have a significant limp. How long did your limp last? I am in heel wedges. I do put on flat shoes when I go to the gym and the limp is soooo much worse! [...]

2 shoes and hurting!

I have just been released to go to 2 shoes.  But my Dr. is making me wear shoes with a wedge heel.  Have any of you gone from the boot to a flat shoe?  The bottom of my heel is hurting and both of my lower calves are extremely sore.  I have rarely taken pain [...]


As a coach there are “inherent dangers” that come with the job.  Never did I imagine that a person as physically fit and active as myself could be deemed so frail.  I stood on the track trying to pump the kids up to work harder and to stop going through the motions- but to [...]