2 shoes and hurting!

I have just been released to go to 2 shoes.  But my Dr. is making me wear shoes with a wedge heel.  Have any of you gone from the boot to a flat shoe?  The bottom of my heel is hurting and both of my lower calves are extremely sore.  I have rarely taken pain med since the first week of my injury and I had to take tylenol last night and this morning!

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  1. I went from a cast to flat shoes, not sure if that is the same? I went into very supportive trainers with two rubber heel wedges in each. The bottom of my heel and foot hurt quite a lot for a week or two till my foot got used to walking again, but I don’t recall much calf pain. Are you actually in fashion heels?!

  2. I went from the walking boot to shoes with a heel wedge as well at 8 weeks. I still have the wedge in at 13.5 weeks and will be tapering off in the coming weeks. I also had a lot of pain, especially when trying to push off on my toes. I still have quite a bit after PT but getting better day by day..

  3. I went from the walking boot to my regular trainers and barefoot around the house after 6 weeks. I never had any issue with pain other than having my foot become accustomed to not having a heel wedge for about the first day or so. If you’re having heel pain running your foot over a ball seems to help from what I’ve heard. I’ve actually used a softball to run my foot over to help reawaken my foot. Hope this helps!

  4. I went from a boot to regular shoes (no wedge). Oh, my foot hurt so much.
    The bottom of my bad foot was tender, the bones on the top of my foot ached, and my tendon and scar were tight and swollen.
    There were days when I was almost in tears when leaving work.
    It does get better with time and a good pair of tennis shoes.

  5. While in the boot I had 4 one inch wedges and took one out each week for 4 weeks. That gradually stretched things out until I was ready for shoes. Even with that preparation my foot & heel was painful. I found the right shoes made all the difference. I bought a pair of Asics Gel Kayanos and some very supportive inserts. They were a little pricey but I believe they really contributed to my recovery.
    Scott (aka: Skutr)

  6. Coach, I think I’d distinguish between pain below the heel (and sole), which is almost universal, and pain in the calf, which may be something different. For the former, I padded around in squishy Crocs around the house, and put similarly soft gel insoles in my shoes for going outside.

    The medical world seems split about 50-50 on the subject of heel wedges inside “2 shoes” or not. I followed UWO, which doesn’t use them, but many Docs go the other way. I’ve never seen any evidence to help resolve it, and I’m guessing it doesn’t matter much.

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