Physical therapy

Did most of you get referred for PT? My doctor does not refer to PT- he told me to begin biking and swimming and to use theraband to strengthen.
did ultrasound treatments help any of you? I am a coach and the trainer at my school did it for me and it seemed to work wonders! I’m wondering if I should be getting PT…

Walk with a limp! How long does it last?

I am 13 weeks post ATR- non-op. It healed very well- but is pretty tight. I have a significant limp. How long did your limp last? I am in heel wedges. I do put on flat shoes when I go to the gym and the limp is soooo much worse!

2 shoes and hurting!

I have just been released to go to 2 shoes.  But my Dr. is making me wear shoes with a wedge heel.  Have any of you gone from the boot to a flat shoe?  The bottom of my heel is hurting and both of my lower calves are extremely sore.  I have rarely taken pain med since the first week of my injury and I had to take tylenol last night and this morning!


As a coach there are “inherent dangers” that come with the job.  Never did I imagine that a person as physically fit and active as myself could be deemed so frail.  I stood on the track trying to pump the kids up to work harder and to stop going through the motions- but to Explode off the line!  Little did I know, I would be the one exploding.  As I turned to watch the kids explode a straggler behind me stepped on my ankle and I immediately knew something was wrong.  I stood still, feeling as though I was standing on a hill.  I did not feel too much pain.  I finished the last 2 groups of kids then limped over to a colleague and said “Coach, I think my achilles is torn.”  I was able to walk but did not want to do anymore damage, so two football boys helped me into the training room.  I went to urgent care and was told I had a calf contusion.  I told the Doc I thought my achilles was torn- he told me to try to move my foot and since I could- he told me it was not torn.  I asked for an MRI- was told I didn’t need one.  Was on crutches 3 days.  went back for follow up that Friday and saw another doctor who immediately referred me to an Ortho.  Wen to Ortho that day.  He was very harsh.  This was the first time I cried.  I am a serious athlete-though I’m 34.  He told me it was ruptured and that “this is a life changing injury”,  ”you have very nice legs, they will never look like this again” “you look very athletic- you will not be as fast as you were.”  He told me that I needed to get surgery or I would not be able to do explosive exercises without probably re-rupturing.  He said I had two options- surgery or 3 months of casting.  I told him I had read about boots being an option.  He cut me off saying “I gave you two options and a boot was not one of them!”  Due to his harshness, I opted to meet with the casting specialist.  This Dr. informed me that early weight bearing treatment in casts has much lower re-rupture rate that traditional casting.  I walked out of his office that day without crutches with my new cast!  This was 8 days after initial rupture.