Filed Under (WalkingBoot) by franticachilles on 25-03-2014

I had my second follow-up  with my OS. I am six weeks post op. The incision is healing well.

I got the best news yesterday! I am cleared to FWB with my boot on and hope to be out of the boot within the next five weeks.

Apparently, I could have been FWB after two weeks but the OS wrote the prescription incorrectly for the PT staff. RATS!

But today, I am standing free of my crutches and oh what a feeling.


I have new energy and a small smile on my face even though all around me is quite crazy!

Stay Strong!

  • ATR Timeline

    • Name: franticachilles
      Location: Marlboro
      Injured during: Racquetball
      Which Leg: R
      Status: 2-Shoes

      488 wks  3 days Post-ATR
      485 wks  6 days
         Since start of treatment