Filed Under (MiserablyAnxious) by franticachilles on 08-03-2014

I finally made it home from the ER. I actually drove the one hour and ten minute drive even though it was against docs orders. Sometimes you have to live on the edge!

I am home…the realization that I will be spending more time confined between these walls begins my anxiety crescendo!

I have my laptop and Google and start banging away on the keyboard to begin the discovery of what ATR really means and what I can expect in the future. I am sure that this activity is common among the people that create a blog here. I have to hand it to Dennis, I found the blog a great place to investigate all there is about ATR.

I start reading that you can actually NOT have surgery and the results can sometimes be in line with that of the surgical process. Hmmmmmmm!

I think I must have spent more than thirty hours investigating ATR and that was enough to get me miserably anxious. I can’t put any wait (Freudian slip) on my right leg and I have to hobble around with these annoying crutches.

The pain is starting to rise and it is time to medicate myself and wake up tomorrow hopefully less anxious and more strategic.

  • ATR Timeline

    • Name: franticachilles
      Location: Marlboro
      Injured during: Racquetball
      Which Leg: R
      Status: 2-Shoes

      477 wks  2 days Post-ATR
      474 wks  5 days
         Since start of treatment