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Since I was put in a cast,  I have been in a high degree of pain and I am getting tired of hobbling around and being in pain. I never had this much pain after I had the accident??? I am not sure if an increase in pain after several days is the norm. But I am in PAIN !!!!!

I had the chance to hobble to my meetings with the orthopedic surgeon(OS) to get second opinions. It has been said more than once on this Achilles blog and I am reiterating it here. Do your research about your potential OS (what hospital they are associated with, where they do there surgeries, their background, and there specialties). I would not be comfortable with a shoulder specialist working on my Achilles. I don’t care if they use the sale pitch Achilles surgery is Ortho 101. I preferred ankle and foot specialist.

After speaking with the surgeons, I picked the surgeon that I felt most comfortable with and had confidence in given my situation.

I have decided to opt for SURGERY because I want the pain to stop, I want to still be able to play racquetball, and I like the fact that surgery can give me a slight advantage on the  re-rupture rate (as long as I follow recommended PT and doctor’s plan).

I have selected my surgeon and I am going with surgery.

Once I made the final decision, I was stripped of my cast and was put back in the air boot. I am happy to see the cast go because I almost needed a new set of teeth as I slipped in the bath with the cast on and my face was headed straight for the side of the bathtub. I have already lost a few of my teeth because of a baseball accident and I didn’t want to re-live that again in my life. Ouch!

The final decision has been made…the wait begins!

This is merely one more major thing to think about…that anxiety is beginning to show its head out of the hole again like a pesky chipmunk. Geez!

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    • Name: franticachilles
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      Which Leg: R
      Status: 2-Shoes

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