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Hi Everyone! It has been a while since I have continued my ATR tale.

You read the topic right! <Snicker> In the world of ATR, the need of heels help keep your toes pointing downward (plantar flexion). At nine weeks post op I was able to get rid of the last heal.

As a reference point, I am using the FP Walker from Aircast.  I would like to hear from those that purchased the Vocacast as I am experiencing some rubbing on my incision since I lost the last heel.

Although I took the heel out of the boot I need to save it so I can put it back into my shoe when I graduated from the boot to my shoes. I am wondering if there is anything better out there that would raise my heel. Maybe a Dr. Scholls??

I have not been diligent in doing exercises everyday but will need to start to kick things into high gear as I need to prepare myself and my body for the time when I get the okay to get into a shoe.  The PT mentioned to me that I just have a little longer to go and that I need to make sure that I stay in the boot. She makes sense. I have come this far and to regress in anyway would be crushing to me.

However, I have to admit that I wanted to see if I could walk without the boot and I took about sixteen steps (flat footed). I was so excited the night I did it! The next day was a different feeling all together. The foot swelled up and it was a little tender. I got back into the boot. Bad boy I was.

There is so much going on in my life at the moment, I am so excited to get rid of this boot that has been my nemesis for way to long. Two and a half weeks can not come soon enough.

For those who are starting your journey….slow and steady wins the battle. This website helps almost everyone in many different aspects so I encourage you to return and add comments when you can.

Until next time, be well.


normofthenorth on 22 April, 2014 at 5:08 pm #

Cover your incision with something so it doesn’t get rubbed. One or two socks, a wrap or tube, something! Or add padding around it, so it’s facing the hole in the doughnut…

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