3 months Post Op

September 10, 2009 | |

Hello everyone, just checking in to give you all an update on my progress.  I have completed 14 PT sessions to date and feel that I am making steady progress.  I’m still trying to build my strength and flexibility.  Iwould say I am 60% of the way there.  I can do some brisk walking / slow jogging with a slight hitch in my stride but I can walk at a normal pace with pretty much no limp if I am concentrating.   As far as strength goes, I think I have a ways to go. I still can’t do a single leg heel raise.  I can akwardly walk on my tip toes though.  I’m currenlty taking a two week break from PT as I am traveling outside the US.  I continue to do the daily stretches and exercises given to me by my PT.  In terms of flexibility, I would say its getting better every week.  Especially the mornings which are not so bad anymore.  There is still a little stiffness but that goes away after a few steps.  I recommend stretching your achilles and calf every night before you go to bed.  It has made a difference for me the morning after.  I’m scheduled for 2 more PT sessions when I get back and thenI have my 4 month follow up with the doctor.  I’ll post another update once I hear what the doctor has to say about my progress.


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