9 Weeks Post Op

August 12, 2009 | |

Hello all, its been a great two weeks since my last post.  Starting week 8, I was able to ditch the boot and crutches and I am now FWB in 2 shoes.  The first week was a little rough, I would be really tight in the mornings getting out of bed but once I stretched, it loosened up and I could walk with a limp.  I’ve been through 8 PT sessions now and I am slowly increasing my flexibility and gaining strength in my calf and tendon.  I still experience some pain in my heal throughout the day but it eases up as soon as I stretch.  When my achilles is warmed up and stretched out, it feels great and I can almost walk normally albeit a little slower but its the best I have been able to walk in over three months.   I have to get my cardio back and lose a bout 10 lbs so I will start going back to the gym on the days that I do not have PT to do some cardio on the bike and get back to lifting weights for my upperbody.  I saw my doctor last week and he said everything looked great, to continue with the PT until the end of the month and then he wants to see me in two months.  It feels incredible to be independent again with the free use of my hands.  I’m back to driving and things are almost back to normal.  I owe a huge thanks to my wife for taking care me the past couple of months.  Thanks to everyone for their posts.  This site has been a tremendous help for me both physically and mentally.


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  1. Koru on September 3, 2009 6:24 pm

    Hey cool you doing so well!!!
    Just found this site and amazing all the people sharing their experiences! :-)

    MY tendon ruptured 9 weeks ago and sadly my surgeon said dont worry about the PT just yet, just start walking.
    But, being indepandant and trusting my body, I have done a lot already and now just have to build up strenght.
    I do long walks on the beach still with crustches as I feel I can balance the wieght better and focus more on how I use my foot and ankle.
    As I partially cut my tendon as a toddler, I am careful not to re-injure myself.
    Amazing how life slows us down!!

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