7 Weeks Post Op

July 29, 2009 | |

Hello all, we’ll I am now at 7 weeks.  I started physical therapy last week and have been to three sessions.  The first session basically was to check my flexibilty and range of movement and compare it to my good foot.  Then the physical therapist massaged the scar area and then iced down my foot.  I was given a sheet of exercises to complete daily which I have been doing.  Second therapy session consisted of massaging the scar, folowed by approximately 30 minutes of various exercises, an then electric stimulation while icing the foot. The third session was basically the same as the second with the exception of substituting electric stimulation with ultrasound treatment.  My flexibilty and range of movement has improved based on the therapists measurement yesterday so I guess I am making progress.  My achilles does feel stronger.  I’ve been putting almost full weight while I am in the boot while using the crutches for balance and I am finally able to walk with only one crutch.  I can probably lose both crutches but I am still not completely confident in my balance so I’ll try to cross that bridge in the upcoming week. 

I did my first real cardio today since my surgery.  I was able to do laps in the pool alternating freestyle and breast stroke.  Boy am I out of shape, I’m looking forward to swimming though just to get my metabolism kicking again and using muscles in my body that have not been active for the past couple months.  Not sure when I’ll be able to transition to using the stationary bike, elliptical machine, and eventually back running on the treadmill.  Baby steps I guess…  Looking to start driving again in a couple weeks.  I have my follow up with the doctor next week so we’ll see how he rates my progress.  That’s it for now, take care everyone.


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