August 24th, 2008

The Happening

Returned from Florida vacation with family and neighbor asked me over for 4th of July BBQ, someone said “water volleyball” 3 hours later in ER with AT Rupture.  Big time downer.  Surgery 9th of July, soft cast 2 weeks, hard cast 2 weeks, hard cast removed Aug 4th, started PT next day.  I am now in 7th week and PT 3 times a week, gym 6 times a week.  PT and Surgeon are saying agressive but cautious, I know the limits.  Am now @ week 7 walking with severe limp, wearing boot when out and about, driving short distances and feel road to recovery while a long time coming to full speed is day by day.  The most important thing I do is swim for 30 minutes per day, there is light resistance and gets blood flowing in lame leg.  My strength is increasing daily.  Main problem is starting from scratch every AM.  I also bought hand massage and do this daily.

Most frusterating, humbeling, and depressing injury I have ever experienced, and I have had my share.  This brought me to reality.  I found this blog and enjoy sharing different stories as this has helped me progress and proceed with caution.  While agressive I do NOT want this to re occur.  GREAT BlOG